One Day Paper Waste by Jens Praet



Milan 08: designer Jens Praet showed his collection of furniture made of shredded documents at the A Touch of Green exhibition by design collective Droog in Milan last month.


The One Day Paper Waste table and storage unit are made by mixing shredded, unwanted documents with resin and forming in a mould.


For more from the A Touch of Green exhibition with Droog see our previous story.

Here's some more information from Praet:


This table is a second edition of the One Day Paper Waste - cabinet concept.


Initially asked to design a table/console in limited edition for EatDrinkDesign and shown during the Dutch Design Week 2007 in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), One Day Paper Waste - table is now produced by Droog Design and has been launched at Droog Design’s exhibition during the Salone del Mobile 2008.


One Day Paper Waste is a little table/console, obtained by taking shredded confidential documents, mixing them with resin and compressing them into a strong mould... End result: a new interesting object that has the strength of wood.


Material: Shredded paper (recycled), resin (transp.)
Production & distribution: Droog Design, Amsterdam
Photography: Frans van Lieshout


Shredded Paper Storage is a new black edition in line with the ‘One Day Paper Waste’ family. Commissioned by L’Uomo Vogue, in collaboration with Yamamay, one of Italian’s leading underwear brands, I was asked to design a special edition for the ‘Yamazonia - The Design and the Nature’ event, shown at Galleria Cardi in Milano.


Shredded Paper Storage is a storage item obtained by taking shredded confidential documents, mixed with a black resin and compressed into a strong mould.

Material: Shredded paper (recycled), resin (+ black pigment)
Production & distribution: Jens Praet
Photography: Jens Praet


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  • famul
  • I

    oh I get it. You soak something in resin and it goes hard… very clever.

  • Theo

    Jurgen Bey did something similar with straw not long ago.

  • sufin

    Nice but..
    ..since when is paper dipped in clear resin ‘a touch of green.’

  • sufin

    Nice but..
    ..since when is paper dipped in clear resin ‘a touch of green.’ ?

  • labforfun

    I like it! Definitly! Resin is not such a “green”-think, but the table is really nice to see, at firs wiew looks like trasparent chinese rice noodle… don’t it? Funny idea.

  • – 3D WEB FOR ME –

    intersting and original material…!

  • Will J

    Further evidence that ‘green’ has become a shallow meaningless label to sell design. If you want to do something ‘green’ with a days worth of paper how about you bury it in the ground. Trap it in buckets worth of resin and it becomes a waste forever.
    I don’t mind the project, the material itself looks nice but lets not dumb down the profession and pretend it has anything to do with being ‘green’.

    I’m sick of witty design

  • ror

    this is quite smart as for dutch design

  • José A. Brouzzó Duncan

    I Like it… and funny idea.
    Congratulations from Venezuela

  • shredding Houston

    These are a great way to promote recycling. Paper waste can be made into art through innovation. There are other ways for us to adopt environmentally-friendly practices but recycling is still the easiest way for us to be more eco-friendly.