Star System by Enrico Buscemi
and Piergiorgio Leone



Milan 08: Star System is a collection of sofas designed by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone for Giovannetti collezioni.


Intended as an adaptation of traditional chesterfield sofas, the collection has removable steel buttons.


The collection was presented at the Milan furniture fair last month.


Here's some text from Space Time:


We designed for Giovannetti collezioni the 'Star System'. The chester classic sofa becomes here a radical monoblock sculpture.


The Star and SuperStar sofa are the new high-soft seating presented in Milan Salone 2008 together with the Star-lounge, a wide and lush dormeuse (170 cm. width) to share with a person you love and Starlet, a sculptural swivel armchair.


The 'Star-System' is made with double density polyurethane foam, removable bielastic fabric and wide steel buttons (3 cm. diameter) shining under the lights like a graphic constellation. The patented unhookable steel buttons make easy to remove the fabric cover.

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  • william

    Amanda Levete’s version is also nice…

  • Bonzo

    Didn’t Future Systems already do this? Oops – research guys…

  • At the first look…. well, it looks like an inflated sofa, something we see in summer on the beach. I like it actually!

  • bald skull

    i like this. wonder what is actually feels like.

    but i like the shape of Future Systems’ more.

  • I do like this piece. The shapes do remind me of Ligne Roset’s Ying Yang sofas.

  • zuy

    shapes, colors and removable patented steel buutons are great…

  • zuy

    This interpretation of the classic Chesterfield has a different storytelling from Amanda Levete’s sofa , the shape, the dimensions are different but ,you’re right Bonzo, may be its not enought for differential design

    Amanda Levette Chester Seating

    Chester is a somewhat lateral interpretation of the classic Chesterfield sofa, using traditional upholstering techniques with springs, horsehair and a buttoned leather skin to create a soft, feminine form.

    The rich ox-blood colour of the leather has associations with a gentlemen’s club, offset by the anodised aluminium buttons with a dent in the middle (giving the impression that they’ve just been pushed in). The buttoning pattern is triangulated but irregular, stretching over the large curves and contracting around the tighter ones.

    Chester takes the aesthetic characteristics of the classically traditional sofa and adds a formal quality that enables more varied and versatile ways in which we can be seated together.
    “There is something very nice about being intimate and separate at the same time, so this piece is designed for one person to use as a chaise longue while the other uses it as a seat. Or it can be used as a sofa for four, or you can sit on the floor and use it as a cushion. It has no back or front so it can sit as a freestanding piece in the middle of a room”. Amanda Levette, Future Systems.

    Chester is available in leather with various colour options including ox-blood red and House of Lords green. It is also available as a foam based, felt upholstered version with again, various colour options including dark navy and lunar grey.

  • Charles Z.

    this concept is very interesting. I really like it although I find it a bit tough to combine with other pieces. I found a very interesting chair at the last ICFF in NY ( I truly thing it will become a classic, such as,,a10-c440-p47,00.html

    any thoughts?

  • The sofa doesn't have that creative feeling for me, but what I really like with this sofa is its radiant color and nice concept.