Chubby by Marcel Wanders



Milan 08: Marcel Wanders launched his new Chubby armchair for Italian company Slide in Milan last month.


The armchair, similar in form to Wanders' Crochet chair, is made from polyethylene and is available in green, black, white, red or orange.


A matching foot stool called Chubby Low is also available.


Here are some details from Marcel Wanders:


Chubby – armchair
Design: Marcel Wanders, 2007
Material: Polyethylene (PE)
Color: green, black, white, red, orange
Size: 130 X 120 h x 56 cm
Photography: Marcel Wanders studio
Produced and distributed by Slide
Fore sales information contact Slide









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  • Fling

    Some contemplative shots of the plastic chair by the seaside, staring out to sea, considering its future, ruminating on the Big Questions – what is it all about? Why am I here? What makes me different from any of the other plastic chairs out there? Where will i go when I die?
    All good questions.

  • ambroise

    So many pictures for such a simple chair.

  • Parker Hicks

    An appropriate response, Fling. Cheers.

  • edward

    I guess they would float. That would be cool. One could surf siting down. In comfort. Mold in holes for a beer can or bottle of Corona…yeah, these could be hot sellers in the islands.

  • tommi

    I really dont understand why it is so bloody difficult to see a single photo that someone actually sat on any of these “concept chair”

  • mic

    that split line is so cruel!

  • jk

    tommi – the dog, the dog compensates all!

  • Fabio

    Well, guys, probably the answer lies on the meaning of the word ‘desing’…

    I love the pictures.
    I like the concept.
    I enjoy the feeling the beatiful pure shape gives to my imagination.
    I would buy the chair.
    I would not use to sit, but eventually I could end up sitting some times.

  • You have to love it when a chair can actually upset someone to the point where they need to curse.

  • done1

    this chair brought a smile to my face.

    i like the split line, i think i prefer it to hiding it away.

    the photo’s are great

  • fran

    Personally i rather see a plastic chair than one made of hard wood wich have been cut from primary forests. About the ecologycal comments, the pc where you were writting, is more dangerous for the enviroment than that chair. So, plastic is not always bad.

    A chair can last as much as 50 or 60 years, the real problem with plastics in the world is the little period of time that they are in use (sometimes even minutes).

    As a design, i think it is interesting, but not fabulous.

    (i apologies because of my grammar, but english is not my maternal language)

  • Zenza

    Wanders is an amazing designer, but like most stuff from Moooi (in this case, this is not Moooi):

    Marketing > Design

    That’s the reason of so many photos for such a “regular” chair.

  • Will

    Proportions are great; love the Lambo Miura colours

    Another Wanders classic

  • Brian

    Dude,……………………….Where’s my chair?

  • John

    I’m soooo tied of Marcel Wanders. All these guys reach a point where anything they do people fantasize about. Really boring, done before, colors are horrible, not environmentally friendly, price must be insane… so what’s the point?

  • John Smith

    This is a 1 minute project, cashing in on the left over data from the Crochet chair. Expect to see hundreds of cheap copies in crappy furniture/homeware places around the world….that are actually just as good as the real thing. Very weak.

  • Frankie

    I met the owner of this company in Milan, i asked him would he be interested in seeing some of my design propositions and he said bluntly ” I only want famous designers. Marcel Wanders has done this collection for me.” I said “Its not very attractive or original” He said ” I don”t care, as long as a get some press”. Sadly this mentality is the reality of design editors today, it not what it is, its who you are.

  • zuy

    A lot of star designers did one minute projects…eg Starck, Wanders aso
    but some are great …
    Frankie , you need to be first an emerging star …you need to invent a way of be known first…

  • zuy

    to be an emerging design star with a radiator? I thought some years ago, it was impossible…. Laarman did it , follow ART man….

  • Will

    Frankie, I sympathise.. but to add to Zuys comments, every designer starts from zero- analyse your selling point… its a shallow industry…what makes you (work/personality) stand out and make journos/editors take notice?

  • zuy

    yes Will, any designer has a different personnality and a know how…
    For example Starck could’nt design pattern…and some designers as some dutch designers design mostly pattern…
    There is also different design markets ….

  • zuy
  • gime

    Wanders is capable of doing great design (knotted chair) and this sort of cheap crap. Unfortunately lately he is more focused on reproducing his face with the clown nose on any possible surface and doing this kind of banal products instead of thinking. What a pity.

  • zuy

    Wanders is capable of doing great design … but often not alone… Knotted chair is a co-design…
    For PR, photo, show ,all communication process , he is following his master in communication Philippe Starck….

  • zuy

    Bertjan Pot codesigned Carbon chair not Knotted chair….

  • Frankie

    Thanks for the story Zuy V.good ^

    It is an important point :

    “find what makes you different and stay true to it”

    I’ll bear this mind for the future.

  • zuy

    the Metrolitan article in the eighties was terrrrrrrrrrible about the starck design system…….

  • zuy

    bad memories ….it’s 1998 read starck realities

  • zuy

    Frankie do you have a site or your design in design blogs?

  • wow!!!…..

  • onvn


    Design isn’t just about aesthetics. Function is equally important – and ergonomics is one huge chunk of furniture design. I am sure Marcel Wanders, being a competent designer, would not ignore this factor, nor should we. Sit in one of your good looking chairs more – you’ll learn to appreciate it more!

  • joshturner

    hey i just wanted to introduce myself :P