Competition: six Trophy Hangers by
Phil Cuttance to be won



Dezeen has teamed up with lifestyle brand Charles & Marie to give away six Trophy Hangers by designer Phil Cuttance.


The range, which Charles & Marie showed in Milan last month, parodies hunting trophies and includes a hippo, giraffe and moose design. Each set contains two coat hooks - the front and back end of the animal.


"I liked the idea of making mini coat hangers from toy animals and thought - why waste their back ends?" says Cuttance. "They worked well as hooks too. I tried several animals and the moose, hippo and giraffe seemed to really work - and look - the best."


He adds: " I tried sea creatures but they didn't function very well due to their streamline nature."


The hooks are made out of poly resin and are 7 cm wide, 11 cm high and extend out roughly 8 cm.


We have two of each Trophy Hanger design to give away.

This competition has now closed.


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  • quinton

    biggest pile of crap Ive ever seen…

  • F

    oh , it ‘ s so kitsch ! I want one .

    what do we have to do ?
    my team would love it ….

  • julius von waldstein

    this is a blatant copy pof nymphenburg`s big 5. How embarassing !

  • George Frederick

    how hideous…
    Best thing to do: hang a big black coat to cover it

    …better have a look at Nymphenburg´s “Big Five” released last winter. Classy & smart humour

  • Louise

    I love the ones with the backsides sticking out

  • Bioz segundo

    i love it , is perfect for my room

  • haede.b

    Copy? These debuted in Milan in april 2007 – before Nymphenburg’s ‘Big 5’ were released last winter.

  • Punga & Smith

    These are ok…. I guess.

  • Adriana Davila

    I love them, want one!!
    I just sended the requeired email but it comes back as a failure notice..
    anything I can do

  • Will

    Always lots of arguments over people copying others.. I would say the first to publicly show their work is the originator..its no good saying it was designed in ’05 if you cannot prove it

  • Try again Adriana – I just checked and it’s working okay


  • SH

    I’m amused at the argument concerning copying, this somewhat covers the main point that this is pretentious drivel. Waste of material, waste of space as if there wasn’t enough of this as it is.

  • Eduardo


  • zuy

    great parodies of hunting trophies ….Do you know the swiss one by … big game?

  • zuy

    wood trophies by swiss collective

  • Lavender-Grey Belper

    Very very good, would love to put them in the shop!!!

  • i like animal butts on my walls