Competition: six Trophy Hangers by Phil Cuttance to be won

Dezeen has teamed up with lifestyle brand Charles & Marie to give away six Trophy Hangers by designer Phil Cuttance.


The range, which Charles & Marie showed in Milan last month, parodies hunting trophies and includes a hippo, giraffe and moose design. Each set contains two coat hooks - the front and back end of the animal.


"I liked the idea of making mini coat hangers from toy animals and thought - why waste their back ends?" says Cuttance. "They worked well as hooks too. I tried several animals and the moose, hippo and giraffe seemed to really work - and look - the best."


He adds: " I tried sea creatures but they didn't function very well due to their streamline nature."


The hooks are made out of poly resin and are 7 cm wide, 11 cm high and extend out roughly 8 cm.


We have two of each Trophy Hanger design to give away.

This competition has now closed. This competition has now closed.


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