I.V. Plant Pot by Vitamin



I.V. Plant Pot by UK designers Vitamin has gone into production.


It's a pot that feeds plants using an intravenous drip.


"Our I.V. plant pots are now available to purchase in classic white and limited edition black," says Ellie Bishop of Vitamin.


"Included with the lightweight fibreglass plant pot is a height adjustable metal rod, a refillable I.V. bag and a flow regulator that allows you to set watering rates to suit your plant."


"The drip feed provides a striking design focus as well as acting as a reminder to its owner as to when it needs topping up."

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  • tiffany

    Driade used the same system at least ten year ago. I think it’s still in production….

  • bioz segundo

    its good
    plis inovate

  • Nice idea.

  • zuy

    it’s more a concept design in the Eindhoven style and Droog than a real design idea …but it’s also nowadays design…
    Tiffany, i dunnot known the Driade’s product…Could you give us more details…

  • zuy

    1/ I’ was in hospital 3 weeks ago now so i hate this “conversation starter ” ‘s product as Starck justified the Jucy Salif ‘s lemon juicer in the past…now it’s too much material
    2/I a ready made product , so i can make my own watering system with no money, it’s $275
    3/ I can use a water bootle too…

  • sigVal

    a very happy idea…

  • Will

    I like the design but I’m focusing more on the chick

  • zuy
  • tiffany

    check their website:
    designed by Becchelli, Bortolani, Maffei and the name of the product is erbale.
    I think the year of design is around 1996-1998

  • cedric

    sure, driade did a similar job, but this is still a nice resulution of a used-once-before idea. (i like this more than driade)

  • zuy

    the design of Becchelli, Bortolani, Maffei is good , Driade is often good…
    it’s not ready made design…The story tellling of vitamin is not good…
    A guy ( may be he is a designer!!!) used refillable I.V. bag to have blood color soap to watch hands… and other to drink tequila… The frontiers between gadget , stuff, media design, hyperconsommation and design is sometimes difficult…

  • falla

    i am sorry for them

  • sam

    good for my plants, which are on life support as it is.

  • Diana

    Saw this while google imaging the word pot. From the immage I saw, I thaught it was a desk top size. Obviously it is not, so I thought I would inquire if your company makes a desk top size or smaller size than what is presented here?