Acceleration sofa by Phillip Grass



Acceleration is a digital prototype for a sofa by Copenhagen-based designer Phillip Grass.


"My design is futuristic with a sense of acceleration and speed; organic with seamless flowing forms," says Grass. "Simple, well-balanced and peaceful, while simultaneously creating a sense of awe."accelerate_side_medres.jpg

"I find inspiration in vehicles such as cars, aeroplanes and spaceships; in the structure of bones and in the fluid forms of fish."

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  • CPCP

    would prob look better as a set in a airport lounge rather than solo as above.

    may be better without backrest i think

  • Will

    I would like to see this in leather.

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  • zuy

    “I find inspiration in vehicles such as cars, aeroplanes and spaceships; in the structure of bones and in the fluid forms of fish.”
    it’s old american car or old Boing…. but fluids forms now are better

  • initially i thought Philip Glass came to design….the american musician

  • jed

    looks very comfortable*

  • it is perfect for the set of a new space odissey film

  • Now you and your cat have a place to sit. Cats will love those little holes to sleep in.

  • zuy

    confortable is not a look…ergonomy is not great, usability is not great too…
    it’s more a vintage dream …

  • zuy

    it’s perfect for media…

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  • edward

    Another design exercise. The desperate search for a design that has not already been done by Ikea.

  • Will

    Oh behave- I bet if this reaches the market it sells shedloads

  • zuy

    it’s always design exercice … i dunnot find the goal of a designer is to be different of Ikea…it’s not the same market…

  • zuy

    if you see the fast vase of french designer Cedric Ragot manufactured now by Rosenthal in Germany, you see the speed of digital design but not in this digital prototype… what ‘s a digital prototype? material? or only soft?… accelerate what? it’s a retro design!

  • beautiful
    I wish I had the $2,000,000 loft this belongs in
    really, it’s beautiful

  • zuy

    sometimes $2,000,000 is not enought too pay a design icon prototype

  • zuy

    Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge chaise was estimated to be worth US $2.4 million, it’s the most expensive work by a living designer …

  • zuy

    Orgone Strecht Lounge 520 000 $,
    Lockheed Lounge a été vendu 968 000 $
    acceleration sofa …….$

  • John Smith

    A ‘digital prototype’… that a new term used for glorified renderings? Furniture design shouldn’t start and finish with mucking about in rhino. Sorry Phillip but the projects on your website look like entries into a design-engine competition.

    Dissapointing that this made the grade for dezeen.

  • John Smith

    I’ve just read on Phllips website that he has trained as a carpenter but now that he’s using digital design he can “leave the restrictions of space and material behind”

    ?…I am very confused. Maybe the final outcome should also be left free of space and materials.

  • Is this a bit Flintstones?

  • Jack

    Just because you can make it doesn’t mean you should. This is another example of making something for somethings sake.

  • cedric

    i agree with john smith.. a ‘digital prototype’ gimmie a break…

  • CPCP

    I’m sorry but having come back to this I think the proportions are all wrong – look at the width of the seat and the imitation jet engine diffuser style armrests compared to the height of the backrest and the height of the seat from the floor! Unless you’re sat 1ft off the floor the width of the seat looks far too wide and the backrest is too far back and too low to be of any use.

    This is an example of the errors that can be generated by ‘digital prototypes’ when all you are doing is playing with a computer model instead of experimenting in real life – a proper prototyping of this cahir would quickly highlight the poor proportions and ergonomics.

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  • zuy

    I’m sorry but sketching is not design (sorry for Starck), hand drawing is not design, rendering is not design( sorry for all the digital age designers that forget to answers questions why I design this?and go directly to rendering)….scale model too is not design , design began with the first prototype….

  • Will

    Phillip, please make at least a real proto of this sofa (in leather, either light grey or black) and shut these guys up.
    Yes the proportions need minimal adjustment- but looking at my Roset sofa it isnt that disimilar(low to the ground). The seat cushion probably should be level all the way along but keeping that nice curve underneath and the backrest is set slightly too far back for balance- gap between the seat and backrest could be closer for comfort(..Just my opinion)

  • Victor

    niceee idea…it’s quite “rock n’roll”

  • zuy

    Will said “shut these guys up”…. but he redesigned the “digital prototype”…For me now it’s cartoon design

  • Sikkafa

    Looks nice, sci-fi. I don’t understand why you guys complain about it so much though… I’d love to have one of those.

  • Looks fantastic and it seems like it will feel not too bad. I don’t know what all the fuss is about with the digital creation of this.. it has to start somewhere.. Quite cheaper to do it on the computer, then follow through with the real thing.. Great design concept though! I’ll be sure to see it in new sci-fi flicks soon!

  • John

    it looks like Anakin Skywalker’s race pod

  • If those had been available when Stanley Kubrick was filming the space station scenes for “2001: A Space Odyssey,” WELL …. they would’ve given Olivier Mourgue’s “Djinn” chairs a run for their money.

  • Frankie

    Chuck ^ The Djinn has far more justification to its existance than this (retro/Newsonish/3d self gratification) and was a revolution at the time in terms of it’s construction (formed tube / rubber straps / foam and stretch jersey fabric) and original esthetics, whilst being an ergonically comfortable chair.

    The Djinn series knocks spots of this design effort, not forgetting that we’re attempting to compare a real creation (a veritable design icon) to a rather common 3D render (image).

  • zuy

    Stanley Kubrick were every where in white armchairs in Milan 07, 08

  • Alon

    Pure love,
    Think it looks great, smells great, damn… might even be great for sitting on.

    definitely a look that’s good for the near future, and I agree, as a former-airport worker, it might be great for furnishing a lounge, or a “patience” area.

  • Andrew

    Apparently not many of you have had to fork out the cash to pay for prototypes. Simple designs with straight lines can run into the thousands, and something like this would be in the $20,000+ range, then you usually have to make a second and a third, etc.

    That aside, great design, but not really usable as a sofa. Attempting a quick nap, you would slide into the void and have to call for rescue.

  • headplow

    Very sleek. I gotta say I’m digging it.

  • Allan

    90% Of The Designs Listed Here : Don’t Call My Attention.

    I’m Extremely Picky When I’ve To Chose A Product, ‘N’ This Couch Looks Very Interesting.

    Point Is : Different Unique And Attractive…
    As I Just Mentioned , The Other Concepts ‘R’ Just A Bunch Of Unappealing Colors ‘N’ Rushed Shapes [Except For.]

    Entry Title: LOUNGE SEATING
    Entrant Name: Arturo Valle Colapa

    Having Knowledge About How To Manipulate Images Using 3D MAX Doesn’t Mean Having “Taste.”

    Some People Have Money ‘N’ Their Houses Look So Ugly. Some Don’t ‘N’ They Captivate You With Simplicity ‘N’ Taste.

    I’d Love To See This Couch In White Acrylic…Maybe With Some Nice Speakers. =]

    Keep Up The Good Work.
    Let That Imagination Continue Flowing…

  • retro-sofas

    Incredible Design! Iwant one soooo bad :-)

  • Wow, what can I say, just Wow. I love the imagination that went into this.

  • 2q4u

    looking gooood but 0000 comfortable