The Ring by OFIS Arhitekti



Slovenian architects OFIS have completed The Ring, a redevelopment of the football stadium in Maribor, Slovenia.


The project involved turning a multi-purpose sports field into a stadium with 12,500 seats plus public sports and leisure facilities.


Photos are by Tomaz Gregori.


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Here's some info on the stadium from OFIS:


extension of the football stadium in Maribor


Maribor, Slovenia

competition, 1st prize, 1998
construction start: 2006
construction finish: 2008


The project is a result of the winning competition back in 1998. The plot that was used as a multi-functional sport field (below) is located in the centre of the city. In the sixties a small tribune was build along one site of the field that was covered with huge concrete arched roof.


The brief was to convert the field into a football stadium and extend the existing building with covered tribunes (12.500 spectators, VIP and press facilities) and additional public programme such as 4 big gymnasiums, fitness-club with swimming pools, shops and restaurants.


The project proposed a ring of tribunes weaving above enclosed base with public programs. The lowest and the highest point of the tribunes are defined by the quality of the view of the spectator.


In the corners of the field, where the views are restricted, the entrances to the tribunes are displaced. The ring is pulled down here to the level of the entry plateau. Then it rises gently and it reaches the highest points in the middle of the field.


There the maximum number of the seats is provided, offering the best views to the field. The corridor of the ring has double skin and is providing rooms for VIP, Press and refreshments.


In the base sport halls and shops are displaced. The roof of the base forms an entry plateau to the tribunes and also offers views to the smaller sport field at the side of the stadium.


Authors: OFIS arhitekti & Multiplan arhitekti

Competition :
Rok Oman,
Spela Videcnik,
Ales Znidarsic,
Katja Zlajpah

Preliminary phase :
Rok Oman,
Spela Videcnik,
Ales Znidarsic
Neza Oman

Realization phase:
Rok Oman,
Spela Videcnik,
Andrej Gregoric,
Nicole Khor,
Martina Lipicer,
Aitor Casero


Project: Football Stadium
Site: The Centre of City Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia
Program: Covered tribunes, public programs such as Gyms, Fitness club with swimming pool, shops, restaurants


Tribunes capacity: 12.500 seats
sqm – public programme: 6.500,00 m2
sqm – entry plateau – secondary tribunes: 790,00 m2
sqm – summa: 3.400,00 m2

Underground: 4 gym-halls, dressing rooms, service
Ground floor: Fitness, swimming-pool, shops, offices
1st floor: Entry plateau with service facilities (bars, toilets…)
Tribune: 12.500 Seats
Glazed ring: Communication, press and VIP facilities

Structure and materials
Base with public program: Concrete structure with expanded steele panels; Brick + concrete
Roof: matte perspex on steel structure

Dead lines
Competition entry: January 1998
Construction start: September 2006

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  • sayerazif

    i love it.

  • ror

    feels great

  • edward

    It’s too good a facility for Slovenia. Just kidding. It’s great such a small country can produce design talent of this caliber. Outstanding!

  • Architecture Nowaday

    Normally smaller countries produce better architecture. Why would that be?

    • Smaller countries usually have smaller economies and less pressure from developers that just look for an easy profit. Therefore better designed buildings! (a factor favoring small countries)

  • João

    really interesting project… a small stadium has become a nice piece of architecture… difficult, but they got it… congrats…

  • Joaquin

    Now that’s a breathe of relief! This is real architecture here in Dezeen! See the elevations and the plans…and no superficial make-believe 3Ds??? Seems like I havn’t seen these for a while. Gr8 work!

  • danijel

    i live in maribor, and i can tell you this stadium is cultured and simbolic center of maribor. we are very proud of it

  • Eduardo

    Well, Brazil is a big country, Architecture Nowadays…

  • XXXL

    small and beautiful; and agree with Joaquin; brief and simple is what matters

  • Lott

    good stuff..

  • very mobile experience…simple in meaning…pure in expression…would like to see it in live…ofis arhitekti rules…

  • Raymund

    "Normally smaller countries produce better architecture."

    Then South Africa must be the exception!