Seven Deadly Glasses by Kacper Hamilton



Young London-based designer Kacper Hamilton has created a set of seven wine glasses inspired by the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath (above), envy and pride.


Above and below: greed


The seven wine glasses are presented in a specially designed mahogany case (see bottom of story).


"Each glass encapsulates a sin, which is revealed through the ritual of drinking," explains Hamilton. "The 7 Deadly Glasses are about celebrating passion and encouraging the user to be sinful in a theatrical fashion. The display case is a sarcophagus for the wine glasses, made using mahogany wood, brass fittings and a velvet fabric lining."


The glasses will be exhibited at the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design Degree Show from June 12th-June 19th at Southampton Row, London. Above: lust


The set is a limited edition, available to order. Above and below: gluttony.


Below: envy



Below: sloth



Below: wrath



Below: pride



Below: the mohogany presentation case



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  • andresr

    I think your comment is ten times as insulting as my earlier one is. These people thrive on dressing like that and doing this type of work (party gags) thinking its the real deal, not like you said, for a theme party.
    that being said, I completely agree with you, haha. (just not with the way you see it)

  • nick

    I agree with most here, nice concept but the design really needs some work, the project feels as if you got mid way through the design process and then built them. Good start though, next time try making each piece stand out and speak for itself rather than quickly attempting to simulate a word.

  • andrew

    i’m sure the concept looked good on paper, but most of the designs need work. wrath is the only one that would really be worth having mutiples of as the design is a very good twist on a typical wine glass. The rest are just too far-fetched and stray too far from just a contemporary twist on a normal wine glass seeing as how that concept is the best looking (i.e. wrath)

  • mark bund

    i think it is creative and clever.

    anyone who dissed this concept is just jealous and should not be so narrow minded.

  • DaHooka

    love them, and tryed to order !

  • F

    most of these comments are blatently from class mates, but i agree with them, what pretentious accompanying photographs!

  • Rory

    i think RAZOR and casper are related, or dating.

  • Suen

    – it’s “wrath” on the front page attracts me, cos it gives me a metamorphic sense.

    Wrath & others are all not pleasing items of cos! cos they illustrates SINS! OMG!

    although i agree with many of the above comments… “sick… shXX…XYZ…” to the end the objects are expressing well aesthetically!

    Sins offend!!! See we mostly have a heart for holy & pureness.

  • zuy

    He is a virtual star now !!! so design 8 mirrors “celebrating passion and encouraging the user to be sinful in a theatrical fashion.” !!!

  • Dianna

    As soon as I saw envy and realized one _could not_ reasonably drink from it, I knew these classes were intended as artwork. Personally, I think they’re spectacular. I would love to own a set, though I would have to think hard about how to properly display them in my home. They look lovely in the case, but something of their true striking beauty is lost. I’d have to dedicate an entire curio cabinet to them! ;D

  • amonwalls

    Cool, high art meets design!

  • Razor

    Rory, Kacper and I are neither related nor dating (we are both straight) however, we are class mates and I have watched this idea grow and grow and as a result it is fantastic to see a friend get such good recognition. It’s interesting to see you didn’t comment on the pieces themselves, but were purely concerned about whether or not a relationship of some sort existed. It shows a true narrow mindedness towards the way the blog works as a whole and quite possible towards you as an individual… Anyway, we shall not dwell and we welcome more constructive criticism in the future from yourself and others. My site is nearly up and running and would welcome comments at:
    The degree show at St Martins is in full swing and we’ve collectively been receiving good feedback so far so for all you doubters please chick it out, it runs until Thursday at Southampton Row, Holborn, London between 12 and Both Kacper and I welcome you all down (as well as some 80 others) and look forward to seeing you there! X

  • pangkcoy

    crazy and fabolous idea! love it! simply amazing..touching lives..connecting people…

  • Malice Greythorne

    Oh my, I love it <3

    Very Clever <3<3

  • Fun message board

    Good one :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Viktor Mari

    gluttony, envy, and wrath are great the rest are not… i can probably find those at a hot topic or some goth store.

  • msopak

    envy lust and pride by far the best. the rest are really good because they really represent their sins very well but are just not my thing. and greed is just way to off the wall for me, kinda looks like there are a bunch of leaches hanging off of it. one more thing. how much and where can i get a set?

  • Derek Leale

    these people saying that they are useless, and commenting on the photography need to get a life, these are by far the coolest things ive ever seen and you need to grow up and stop being little jealous babies.

    Great work, love ’em

  • Will

    A guy I know did this exact same thing for a photography project at uni. I am not exaggerating when I say this is almost exactly the same. It was on show in Leeds middle of last year.

    I don’t know if Hamilton saw them or not, but the similarities are pretty big to be coincidental if you ask me.

  • steve


  • Jacques

    Derek Leale, right on brother. A lot of snarky comments about this guy’s design work, so he must be doing something right.

  • Mason

    They certainly fascinated me enough to scroll through the entire collection. I was warmed by each interpretation, these character flaw seem more humorous when represented in glass compared to self witness. I enjoyed the stimulated experience of perhaps laughing at myself as much I enjoyed your handling of the design and presentation. Congratulation on your work

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  • chants

    hard work for the making i can tell but doesn’t do anything. photos are painful to watch as you can tell loads of work was put into the making of the project, but the photos just don’t do it any favors. The presentation box either, just makes it look even tackier.

  • Melissa

    Hi there do you know who took these photos?

  • sc hu yl er

    If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. (silence, deafening silence)

  • Sam

    For everyone saying that these peices of art are crap, I would like to see some of your own art and we’ll really see if you can judge or you no nothing about art and it’s execution.

  • Iota

    What about the 8th deadly sin, “making contrived, silly glasses based on an overused and totally banal idea, whilst thinking that you’re really doing something interesting.” Oh, I guess he got them all then.

  • robert

    You naysayers are f*#%ing stupid !
    try looking a little deeper if you got a glass of the best thing you could think of even water if you where in a desert and all others with you had glasses filled with water and you had the envy glass would you not be envy s

  • Phil E. Drifter

    Photoshopped. I would know, I’ve seen a few photoshops in my day. Definitely photoshooped.

  • d

    too much and unnecessary…

  • Melissa

    I really wish the people commenting would stop thinking these are supposed to be practical.
    The glasses are each beautiful pieces of art meant to be seen, not actually Used I’m sure…

    My favorite is the lust, if someone were to actually use this could you imagine how much fun it would be?

  • James

    These are probably the coolest wineglasses I have ever seen

  • baconator

    why would anyone ever buy that? and why are they wearing funky outfits?

  • Brad Horner

    It’s art dimwits. You don’t have to like it but at least figure it out. The gimped functionality is part of the gimped state of mind, etc. Think of symbolism, magic, etc. Or just kill yourself.

  • shadhe

    You gents badly need to stop going ape over arguments like these.
    Bollocks, don’t mind the bloody fools. I’m all for these perverted glasses, and as a person i probably have dibs on pride. Fancy that, eh? Jolly good, keep your courage!

  • Matt Wilson

    Great glasses, poor images.
    If you can be that creative with glass, don’t let yourself down with weak photos

  • elaine

    @ matt

    you’re probably saying they are weak photos as you are a photographer, i hope you realise that not all product design students can be fantastic photographers, though i think these shots are pretty good anyway.

    on a broad course like this, there is a lot of self learning involved across a wide range of skills from conceptual thinking, analysis, IT software skills to photography! plus, college projects like this is just a springboard into the design world, it will only get better from here…

  • nicole

    where can i purchase this wine glass set? it is truly an amazing design and i know someone who would go wild to own this piece of work. so can someone tell me where i can purchase this?

  • Dan

    Love it! Maybe not 100% functional but austhetically stunning! Nice Work!!!

  • Naina

    Witty, hilarious, fun. It would have been nice to see all seven without tags. Viewers could have been allowed to tag them. We would have some interesting patterns and observations.

  • Juan Carlos Pacheco

    Como disenho, muy pobre. Como arte, infantil. Como idea, demasiado basica. Solo para vender a incautos.

  • Sudrit Lumpamoke

    I think the interpretion is very clever in some glasses, but some were quit too straigh forward

    I like envy, I’m not sure about my understanding that will it be the same as the designer. but what I understand about envy glass it is about wanting it but you can’t wine will just flow out

    and Greed too. Greed is all about storing (not for using) but just having it like the glass presented. that it just store but difficult to drink from it because it still remain unless you make the glass upside down

    for other glass it just a design of an image not the drinking function

    • uzeyadris

      Let me add to that, Sudrit.

      I think the Wrath were also successful. It shows 'power'. Sharp point of the glass also suggest 'claw', which represent the top of the food chain haha.

      The Lust do look like a hamster ball, but I think the design really shows the concept of lust from the way the user drink it. Just think of how you have [you-know-what-it-is] ;)

      The other…hmm… the shape of the Gluttony suggest 'out of shape, resulting from the over-eating of the glass' perhaps?

      For the Sloth, its about how the glass is already full, but if you don't open the tap by yourself, you won't get it.

      The Pride, the difference of the height compared to other ordinary glass that shows the status of the drinker.

  • David

    The male model looks like Superhands from the Peepshow. "It's crack"

  • Moz

    Quite the clever set. At first I didn’t quite understand, but then when I thought about actually drinking from them, it all made sense.

    Greed is especially good, it would be quite difficult to get the wine out of all those tentacles, so one would be twisting and tilting in order to get every last drop. Envy would make one envious of all the people who could actually drink from their glasses…

    Interesting to have the sin in the execution, and not simply the aesthetics. A pleasant change.

  • graham

    Some people will buy anything that has useless snob value if it's calls itself art….

  • Cassie

    I absolutey Love it. The concept of the 7 deadly sins always interests me.

  • Arbi

    Kasper your final rocked hard. Not sure what these people talking about..obviously have no taste nor understanding for art and design. Personally I would love to have several of the sloth glass hang them everywhere I can sloth..or above a bar filled with spirits. Hook me up bro!

  • Nicole

    Oh my goodness! I couldn’t stand trying to read all the comments. As a glass artist I appreciated these pieces the moment I saw Gluttony. It’s a little frustrating that people think these are half-assed pieces that can be found in Hot Topic (though perhaps the Hot Topic comment is a good thing because it means you have a mass production chance on your hands? Lol).

    Anyway! What I really like about these is that you’ve given each piece it’s own meaning in a theme. I struggle with liking glassblowing because a lot of pieces stop at, “I’m designing pretty cups/bowls/plates.” and some people think it’s a stupid idea to try and make a cup into more than a cup.

    Good job!


    Some of these are interesting, but I despair of washing them.