Flame by Tom Dixon



Design Miami/Basel 08: British designer Tom Dixon exhibited his new Flame chair and table with Kenny Schachter's Rove gallery at Design Miami/Basel last week.


The table and chair are made from flame-cut steel in a limited edition of 12.


Flame Chair, 2008
Flame-cut steel
Edition of 12

Flame Table, 2008
Flame-cut steel
Edition of 12



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  • xearo

    so cool!

  • edward

    Reminiscent of Jean Prouve except is solid steel. They must weight a ton!

  • Zum Zum

    And the use of this is ?

  • Michael

    Zum, these would look smashing in an overgrown public park. Heavy and durable.

  • Fling

    Inspiring. I can see this fitting in to the Covent Garden Rock Garden, or on the set of the Matrix or Mad Max, sort of a post apocalyptic furniture range, where in the future furniture designers survive as a renegade tribe only in one last fortress Heals outpost in desert landscape where they continue to carry out the good work for the benefit of society using only the most rudimentary manufacturing techniques on basic materials such as pig iron and used car parts to a heavy rock soundtrack.

  • mucugoro

    what about BBQ?

  • omar

    must weigh a tone.

  • itsme

    Amazing. I love it.

  • amsam


  • zuy

    it’s limited edition so it’s pricy

  • nem

    and what is ”so cool” about this?

  • brian W

    Dude, Tom,

    I see you are returning to your welding roots.

    But, cmon, looks like a Robin Day on Steroids while waiting for the tube on the platform.

    Ok, public seating, outdoors, vandalproof… but man, the side table, chez longue etc. shows you want some Ultra wealthy dude (or dudette) to come and buy it. Donate part of the production to local councils (or Batman film set) that would appreciate them! Do these in wood, man they would look awesome!

    (I secretly am strangely attracted to them…but thats just me!)

    Your friend Bri