Competition: five signed copies of
About Joost & Kiki to be won



Designers Joost van Bleiswijk and Kiki van Eijk presented a little book about their work at their show in Milan this year, and we have five signed copies of About Joost & Kiki (below) to give away to Dezeen readers.


The book also features a series of portraits of the designers with their work taken by photographer Sabine Pigalle (shown here).


"These pictures are about the fact that as a designer you put your personality in it, but the objects always exist without the artist next to it," says van Bleiswijk (below). "It’s about being half present, or translucently present with your design..."


See our earlier story for coverage of their Milan show.


This competition has now closed.


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Here's some info about the book from Joost and Kiki:


During their ‘reCollections’ show in Milan last April, Joost and Kiki presented a hardcover book about their work.

‘About Joost and Kiki’ contains pictures of the two collections, pictures of their workshop and process made by Lisa Klappe, sketches, interviews by and nine pictures of Joost and Kiki made by Paris based Photographer Sabine Pigalle.

‘Translucent dreams’ is a collaboration between the designers and Sabine Pigalle where a play between personality and objects is shown. In their collections Joost and Kiki strive for a very personal approach and execution of their objects.

Sabine Pigalle integrated the personality in these pictures by painting the designers completely black and let them pose in the pictures.

Half absent, half present, Pigalle captured just where the design of Joost and Kiki is about. A strong person touch in objects that can stand without their presence too.

Translucent dreams:

Photography: Sabine Pigalle
Production: JB
Make up: Veronique Marot
Location: Le Studio Paris

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  • zhi

    The photos are interesting!

  • Gorgeous images, we are waiting for the WHITE COLLECTION…

  • Me

    Interesting and a little scary.

  • Archigod

    I don’t wanna meet of of them during the night….. scary

  • Compelling. I’ve never really thought about the spirit of the designer, which is of course always present. I agree with Monica – and would love to see a white version. I want this book.

  • unpopular

    what i like most about this is the sense of ease i get from their presentation. In a lot of cases designers just come up with stunts to peddle their mediocre goods.. not so in this case.

  • Melvyn A. Skvarla

    Very interesting. Interesting enough to want to win one of the signed copies. But it doesn’t state how to do so anywhere in the review. No special “submit” buttons, etc.

  • nyc

    It would be great to see these two develop further to become something other than second generation Studio Job.

    I would love it if they became a bit happier, a bit lighter on their feet, than the Jobs- I don’t think the design community can handle anymore “Spaced-Out Couples with Upper-Class-Attitude” as a subtle Art-brand strategy..

    Have more Confidence! Be yourselves! The world will love you..