Watches by Denis Guidone



Here are three more watches designed by Denis Guidone, who created the Ora Unica watch in our earlier story.


Ora Vago (above) is meant to resemble the hands of a compass. Ora Ameba (below) shows only the tips of the watch hands.


Hours, minutes and seconds are represented on the face of Ora Lattea (below) by different sized dots.


Here's some more information from Guidone:


Elusive Hour (Ora Vago), 2007

The hands resemble those of a compass. We are talking about being disoriented, about losing yourself in a contemporary city with the resulting sense of insecurity. The image is that of an imprecise compass.

Amoeba Hour (Ora Ameba), 2006

The hands have no centre. They are the opposite of those on a normal watch. Amoeba because the fact that there is no centre refers to the contemporary city, which has multiple centres. The centre becomes imaginary or metaphorical, or a cultural centre, an economical centre, a historical centre.

Milky Way Hour (Ora Lattea) 2007

In this watch the hands are represented by the empty space between points. This watch in some ways reminds us of the Milky Way. It’s an image synonymous with getting lost, at the limits of legibility, almost a negation of time. The dots, which vary in size, represent, from smaller to biggest, in increasing order, seconds, minutes and hours, while the dot in the centre doesn’t move.

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  • I bet they don’t look as good in person as the photos suggest…
    In these renders you don’t get see the step between the minute/hour discs.

  • zuy

    do not forget the point of interrogation ….

  • liking the ora vago

  • omar

    do these watches actually exist or just as photoshopped renders?
    more ‘digital prototypes’ on dezeen??

  • Enrique

    Where can I get them? I want all three.

  • denis guidone

    for information
    post a message to

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    Where i can buy it?

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    so nice!i love it!

  • Will

    Perfect watch for architects. Should go well with the dodgy coloured shirt and baggy pants

  • nicola

    Bravo denis sei un grande

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    Very succinct,i love it

  • are there any retailers in Holland? & what is the prize in euros?
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  • Zdzisław Hoffmann

    It where it was it been possible was to buy such watch
    Watches – Denis Guidone.

  • Victor Andersson

    Please, so where could you get hold on one of these?

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    i just want to know how can i buy the amoeba hour from denis guidone.
    i am from greece could you inform me if in my country is any store to find it or any site where can i buy it via internet.. thanks!

  • Zdzisław Hoffmann

    Where can I buy a watch?
    Ora Unica.
    Best Regards, Zdzislaw

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    Very nice style and cool watches disegn!

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    Will this watches arrive to México someday?
    Hope so

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    i just want to know how can i buy the Milky Way Hour (Ora Lattea) 2007 from denis guidone.
    i am from Turkey. could you inform me if in my country is any store to find it or any site where can i buy it via internet..

  • Berat

    I saw your watches in the Net, they are really good ones!!! Well done!
    I am interested where can I buy those watches? Is there any story in Switzerland with those watches? Or in FYROM (Macedonia)?
    Your sincerely,

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    thats amazing man thats fuckin amazing plz tell me the prise and how can i buy it. if the prise good i will take it all

    hope u inform me asap

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    Good afternoon, I from Russia. Simply in delight from your hours. How it is possible to buy? Yours faithfully

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    i been looking around london and went thought all the watches shops and show them the pics but they never heard his name and never see this watches before !!
    is that only for exihition ?
    i love to get the lovely watches , anyone pls tell me how can i get it ?


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    Where can i get a hand on this lovely watch? i would like to purchase Ora Lattea

  • I’d love to get a Ora Lattea, both in black and in white. I try to keep my hands on my riches, but Denis Guidone be making some watches like a magician.