Vivaldi Tower by Foster + Partners



Architects Foster + Partners have completed a 24-storey tower at Vivaldi-park near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


The building, called Vivaldi Tower, is a headquarters building for financial services company Ernst & Young.


All images by Foster + Partners.


The following information is from Foster + Partners:


Foster + Partners completes its first tower in Amsterdam


Foster + Partners has completed a headquarters building for Ernst & Young at the gateway to the Vivaldi-park area of the new Zuidas district, south of Amsterdam. Commissioned by ING, the tower establishes a landmark on the route into the city with its diagrid façade. Ten per cent more efficient than the target Dutch environmental standards, the building also extends the public realm with a water court at its base.


The 24-storey building is divided into two twelve metre-wide column free towers with open, flexible floor plates. The blocks are staggered in plan to admit as much natural light as possible and to make the most of the northerly city views. The northern façade is fully glazed, while partial thirty per cent glazing to the east, west and south limits solar gain. Combined with ground water storage to further save on energy for cooling, the overall environmental strategy is highly efficient.


Linked by a shared transparent core, the offices are serviced by double-height meeting spaces and light-filled social spaces allowing communication between different floors. The structural steel diagrid is clad in silver aluminium and is offset by opaque black panels, which reduce the definition of the individual floor levels. This lattice scales the entire 87-metre high facade and gives the building its identity. At the base of the building the height of the diagrid creates a triple-storey lobby space, while at the top of each tower north and south-facing terraces are set into the structure.


The towers are approached via a water-court with an ecological pond beneath an overhanging canopy. Defining the relationship between public and private, this space houses the social functions, such as staff restaurant, terrace, auditorium and bar, clustered around the water-court. Coupled with a green roof on the restaurant building, the pond has an important environmental contribution. 65 per cent of rainwater is retained on site while the run-off feeds into the Amsterdam canal system to control water levels following peak rainfall. The pond is naturally cleansed by a planted biotope of reeds, water lilies and grasses.


David Nelson, Senior Executive and joint Head of Design at Foster + Partners said “Our first building in Amsterdam not only exceeds Dutch environmental regulations by ten per cent, but provides a striking marker for the Vivaldi park area, a high quality, flexible working environment for tenants Ernst & Young and a lively public water-court with a working ecological pond at its base.”





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  • edward

    Interesting variation on ubiquitous office block, nothing to get excited about, and why should one. The most interesting thing is shown in cross section, the 2 story spaces in the service core, which should go a long way of eliminating the claustrophobic atmosphere of the office tower. Workmanlike job for a
    mundane program. A clumbsiness in scale bothers, both in the lobby and elevations.

  • Foster + Partners have to make the most joyless, disposable looking buildings. Why are they so revered? I just don’t get it.

  • Tyler

    For some reason I find the exterior absolutely obnoxious, but the shot of the entry interior with the red desk really speaks to me.

  • Dan

    Ok, this is boring…..the only good to see is the section, like edward says.

    BTW. What the hell about the people up the celling on the 3rd picture?

  • pangkcoy

    chiegelb….where are u?y cant i find your comments here?huh? im here in doha…nice country..seen alot of modern buildings already like the building of jean nouvel wch haas an arganic concept..almost done…i like this one too…nice..elegant..and comfy..rokenrol…


    what section? you mean the horizontal stripes placed above each other??

  • billia

    right, what so super about that boring section?
    the best thing in the project are the lamp shades.
    i wanna ask dezeen why they found this project interesting enought to post it? maybe there is a hidden message or sth that we all dont know about….. :)

  • edward

    “what section? you mean the horizontal stripes placed above each other??”

    Oh dear…

  • Jelle

    looks like a student design..
    not really getting it either…

    But hey, they’ll get the money..

  • bibo architect

    nice one Dan , you r a good observer!!

  • mikeyc2606

    nice lamp shades

  • Though I admire his (Foster’s) background and intelligence, I do think he better not put this kinda project out in front of the curtain.

  • dan perz

    all you people here who are negatives reactions… you are right on your opinion but the design has the reason and sometimes the solutions based on the requirements from the client… theres nothing bad in that design, though it is only backward concept but very nice…mind your own.

  • David

    i always wish i was the client instead of the architect..

  • BRian


    Central core, social spaces, COMMUNICATION,lotsa light… Arch premed 101 foundation!

    Promo picture with workers putting in panes of glass…priceless!


  • Very nice !!!