Now Isn't That Lovely by Stephen Johnson



Gallery Fumi in London presents Now Isn't That Lovely, a series of one-off objects by artist Stephen Johnson.


The objects are created by welding together metal animal figurines.


See more of Johnson's work in our earlier story.


Here's some info from the gallery:


‘Now isn’t that lovely’ by Stephen Johnson
Edition of 7 from Gallery Fumi


By designing items void of physical function, the ‘Now Isn’t That Lovely’ range aims to expand people’s perceptions of design. It sets out to highlight how design can reside in the cognitive, as well as its more commonly perceived physical state. By using objects of ornament from the domestic interior, the collection underlines how design can serve to fulfil emotional needs like escapism, nostalgia and humour.

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  • wow

    oh boy that’s really terrible…..ugh

    see the chapman brothers for figurines done well….

  • Ben


  • few

    whaoo it’s truly horrible ! speechless ….



  • JB

    These are stunning. Elegant and playful – wish I had one!

  • mel

    charming and absolutely beautiful!Wish I had one too!

  • LUCY

    Stunning …. fantastic work, very visual, eye-catching and very thought provoking!

  • omar

    my natural reaction is – this is shit… really shit.
    however, its not design. .. its art…
    and i’m a desginer.. not an artist..
    which is why i log onto dezeen..
    So either this doesnt’ belong on dezeen. or i dont. humm.

  • Tik-Tak

    As a product designer I love Johnson’s take on DESIGN!!! Just because it’s not a desk lamp or book shelf does not mean it is not design and therefore art by default. His work is about the emotional side to design… consider Lladro for example, there works are commodities DESIGNED to evoke emotions… Johnson’s work is just the same.

  • Louise

    Beautiful work, fresh and thought provoking!

  • TCW

    Design or art …. whatever!!!!! Fact is they are striking, and I have to agree very thought provoking…. most of all they are fun!! Wouldn’t mind owning one either!!!!

  • Chris

    So unusual, beautifully fluid, love them.

  • tiffany

    this is in the category ‘objects my granny had in the window’. This doesn’t belong here (not design for sure), but it isn’t art either, it’s kitsch

  • Art in Design or Design in Art? Who wins? Neither!

  • zuy

    when i click on design rubrique…i hope design project

  • bald skull

    WHOA! i am like TOTALLY inspired! i’m gonna 3D scan all the shit lying around my house, drop them into solidworks and 3D print some ridiculous objetcs too.
    then have casts made, cover them in platinum and swarcovky (sp?) crystal and sell then to galleries for gagillions of $$! i’m rich bitches!

  • Ben

    It is kitsch. But that’s a good thing. It’s kitsch meets design. I think that’s what makes them so cool.

  • Clifford

    This is seriously shit. Really, someone needs to put an end to this raving mad art/design movement. Has everyone gone mad? This is more and more starting to look like the emperor’s new cloth.

  • jeff K

    Animal figurines and gold….how original

    yes, my perception of design has truly been expanded

    (note: sarcastic tone)

  • syco

    This are not gold and this are not cast in one piece. They are individual bronze pieces attached to each other and then polished.

  • dan

    u guys including myself are doing exactly what the ‘designer’ wants us to do and what these pieces of shit are made for: to talk about something that is not worth to be talked about.

  • Frankie

    For me its kitsch sculpture

  • Jonesy

    Well love em – or hate em (and just for the record I’m a designer and I happen to ‘love em’). This designer’s work is ‘thought provoking’ – even if it does mean eliciting sarcastic comments from some seriously miserable, staid, set-in-their way people out there!!!!

  • orangejuice

    it’s meant to be ironic and kitch… twats.

    if you can’t understand this expression, and need to judge or treat it as “serious design/art (who cares either one)”, you won’t ever… and i’m sceptical about if you can (then) even understand something that IS true and serious and meaningful. we need a bit of irony every now and then to laugh at how funny we can be… sometimes. it’s healthy.

    now isn’t that lovely

  • Liv

    Love the last one. with the duck :) It is very amazing one piece art.
    Simply sophisticated.

  • Tik-Tak

    Me again on this one. Reading some of the seriously dim remarks on this work, they make me realise how many designers out there who are so narrow minded! Kitsch is a very powerful, and well documented aspect of design. Perhaps there are some designers out there who don’t know as much about design as what they may like to think!!!

  • Fling

    – If one stuck animals that rhymed together. Goose – Moose – Mongoose – Kangaroos –
    Would have been infinitely more powerful kitsch aspect of design never seen before – capable of wiping out design life completely in the northern hemisphere for a hundred years.

  • Fling

    – winnie the poohs –

  • Fling

    –norwegian blues-

  • bald skull

    oh wise “Jonesy”…

    please master, explain the ‘thought provoking’-ness occuring here that i am too dim to appreciate. is it the the sweet way they balance themselves, the shift in scale, the shiny goldness or something even MORE amazingly high brow that we “seriously miserable, staid, set-in-their way people” don’t get?

    oh, and what the hell does being a “designer” mean anyway when you refer to yourself as one….?

  • Frankie

    Like 2 unlimited said “theres no limit”

  • Rikard

    I have been bored with the ranting and contention of the designtards and inefartucks since university 20 years ago. If you are a preening posturing ponce you should wonder what people say behind YOUR back.

  • louisa

    Amazing work and would love to own one of these wonderfully odd pieces.. I think the designer will be over the moon that it’s caused such a stir!

  • vic

    Great work, It’s refreshing to see a little fun in design, and even more interesting the debate that it creates.

  • Ed

    Yep!!! Interesting, odd, fun ……. love em!!!

  • HD

    B-O-R-I-N-G…Somehow this area of design has descended into some sort of Freudian sublimation…perhaps a Unicorn connected to a disco ball then…?

  • chachi

    the object is what it is, boring things barely related welded together. like an intro to welding class first project. what IS annoying is the pretentious drivel in the gallery’s statement. “By designing items void of physical function, the ‘Now Isn’t That Lovely’ range aims to expand people’s perceptions of design.” please tell me this is a joke. does any non-functional object expand my perception of design? sometimes scrap welded together is just a larger piece of scrap.

  • Greg

    Yes ….. designed to evoke emotions …… yipee!!!

    Well they certainly do that now don’t they? Even the seriously dull, narrow minded, sarcastic twats have had their emotions seriously tweeked now haven’t they?

    Lighten up you staid brigade …… they look wonderfully refreshing, beautifully made, odd and fun!!!

    Love to own one too!!!!

  • LUCI

    I love these!

  • Joaquin

    bald skull: I’m wishing to see your finish products. ;p

  • amonwalls

    Can’t we all get along, artist and designers!?!?! I think they are great, it would be cool if he could get them to arch end to end!

  • Jeff

    Have been keeping an eye on this young designer’s work for a while now….. his work is elegant, fun and refreshing ….. he displays a hell of a lot of talent!!!

  • bride

    Not that’s not lovely, gold doesnt make stuff nicer , it’s just shiny and quite frankly .. gratuitous.

  • Dan

    Stimulating and thought provoking, but fun! Mass production turned on its head, quite literally! Love it!

  • Nic

    I think that they are great!

  • Ping

    they are very romantic to me!