Elfostudio by Romolo Stanco



Italian architect Romolo Stanco has completed Elfostudio, a recording studio at Tavernago in Italy.


The studio is set in countryside and features "jazz music shapes".


Here's some info from the architect:


Jazz music shapes.

Italian critic Michele Costanzo, whose monographic studies about great architects like MVRDV, Bernard Tschumi, Antonio Sant’Elia and Bruno Boccioni – among many others – are well known, describes Elfostudio as follows: “It looks as if this project tried to put together two opposite formal concepts: one that is aggregative and one that is disruptive. The Elfostudio apparently aims at achieving some sort of fusion, at the same time trying to find new free spaces, as it happens in jazz music.”


The plan of the building, both essential and complex, is centred around such tension, and deconstructs form – never forgetting, on the other hand, the need to join spaces according to their function, and to acoustic rules (and a very low budget...).


Obeying to a sort of “organic deconstruction”, volumes and forms appear almost to explode. They stand in a precarious balance, as if caught in a still in a film, where each picture is bound to be different than the following, and shows each object in a precise an individual collocation.


Volumes seem to dialogue with each other; they conflict, capitulate, and then spring up again as part of a new organism, thus expanding space as if they could bring us back to the exact centre of the building – almost ironically, in a “measured and controlled” Big Bang.


This project catches a moment in the mutation, trying to stop the instant when the opposing forces are in balance. Needless to say that the heart of the matter is the way this moment is caught, that is arbitrarily. Stanco – privileged spectator of the process – chooses to create a place where the dynamic tension between a “before” and an “after” that will never be is fixed forever.


In this case, defining the instant isn’t arbitrary, but rather it’s suggested by function, intended as the presence of man in a space built as an active force that interacts with man himself.


In other words, the otherwise relentless explosion is stopped in a well-defined moment by the usage of man, by his physical and emotional needs.


Elfostudio / Recording Studio - 2005 - 2008
Architect: Romolo Stanco
Main Designer: Romolo Stanco
Collaborator: Stefano Pigazzani, Alfredo Raimondi
Structural Engineering: Sergio Raimondi
Client: Alberto Callegari
Location: Tavernago, Italy
Surface: 310 mq








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  • kudz


  • A.S.

    Looks awefull, what’s wrong with architecture these days.

  • B.S.

    at least it’s well sited … in the middle of nowhere with no one around to see it.

  • HH

    maybe I am the only one, but i am a bit confused…

    1st: just me, it seems like these pictures tell different stories, it is not just one story….there are many tales here

    2nd: this big circular space\element in the center seems to be of importance, though I cannot see it or feel it in any of the pictures, but what the hell, architectural photography is not my expertise either

    3rd: why the hell is it an extrusion of the plan, seems like someone was just learning CAD, if the idea relates to exploding and capturing a certain frame, then why on earth is it that static, capturing a certain moment implies the object is in motion, why is confined to the ground plane?

  • Benji

    Oh dear god, we’ve returned to 1992.

  • MYMY

    looks like a north American fast food joint.

  • Very 80’s!

  • Post

    i like some of the pictures .. you can focus on other things than the early 90s madness

  • Frak Gery

    ninetiesmainsteamdeconstructivism with Ikea lamps … and models with gitars …….. the best combination .. oh my god

  • well.. i think i am going to go with the grain on this one and say.. i think the architect definitally gave it his all in this extreme outcome.. unfortunitaly it is a little much..
    and the concept? in one of the photos it looks like the girl is holding a vaccum (and no.. i am not good at spelling)..
    good try guys .. maybe more of a childrens therapy center?
    take care


  • Bozo

    Jazz shapes? But I like jazz

  • amsam

    looks like a lot of fun to me– geez guys lighten up. Sure it references the 80’s, and PeeWee’s Playhouse for that matter. Does everything have to brushed platinum nowadays?

  • fleshmeatdoll

    wow, neopostmodernism.
    even the way the models are put into this monster of bad taste.

  • Keunert

    it’s the candy dulfer of all recording studios. probably its meant to be ironic?

  • Lorenzo


    The story it’s in italian… but Michele Costanzo http://www.michelecostanzo.com/ writes words of great appreciation for this projects… on the italian magazine “L’Architettura: Cronache e Storia”

    Perhaps I think that this work requires an interpretation that goes to beyond the tendencies of the contemporary architecture.


  • Marcos

    sad…very sad

  • enrico

    Well, Well, Well… goodafternoon faultfinders!
    This is a recording studio, don’t you? So you can say “nice”, “awful”, etc… but if you are a professionals the first question is: does it works/sounds good?
    If the answer is yes… well done mr. Stanco.
    Can you immagine how does a young muscian could feel playing in a studio like that? For that guy, even if he/she doesn’t know anything of architecture, is an amazing thing… he/she could feel a little rock star. Have you ever seen a typical low budget studio? No? look at your garage, you’ve got it.
    Usually 50-60 years old man, driving around there, in the country side could say “oh what’s that?!?! awful?!?!? what does it mean here in the beautiful ialian countryside!?!?!?”… are you that 50-60 y.o.?

  • nem

    nothing to add to what enrico said….

  • edward

    Handsome is as handsome does, and if Elfostudio works, then super job.

  • anacronismos a toda

  • Tinux 5.0

    I think that’s really amazing!
    It’s not is not of tendency, it’s not fashionable, it’s not a copy of the “stararchitect’s building”.
    It’s really a “rock” building it seems as an home for any kind of musician.
    This recording studio have not a “time” it’s a space of contradictions.
    It’s like the rock&roll.
    and I like it.

  • wow i cant believe the negatives this is getting. i myself like it – very abstract and condusive to creating jazz. it looks like jazz sounds – a little chaotic ;) and ALOT FUN

  • Liz

    Finally an architect with his own personality!
    Elfostudio is not a victim of the nurbs softwares…
    it’s a project with a strong, noisy, hard personality that looks really cool and provocative.
    Stanco has not worked for a personal sculpture but for a real musical building.
    I love it, it’s amazing!

  • Kc

    Jazz shapes? does jazz has a shape?
    Anyway i think this building is cool as a studio
    But i think its just improvising the past year’s post modernism
    early frank gehry maybe? LA Architecture?

  • Marco

    Well … i’ve been there … and it is really amazing… and also musicians i knew told me that this is one of the great place where recording and making music because it is not “unpersonal”…

    i’ve seen other works of Stanco … really innovative. Don’t you think?

  • Aldus

    Great work!
    Very beautiful and fun!
    And if it sounds good – – as Marco said – it’s really a wonderful project.

  • eduardo

    maybe niemeyer spoiled me!
    bit it looks like some “favela” in the poor parts of Brazil or Mexico.

  • at first glance i thought the exterior was somewhat inviting but the interiors make me want to leave. they look like dated kids play rooms