Moo by Northern Lighting



Norwegian brand Northern Lighting have introduce Moo, a wall light in the shape of a full-size moose head.


Moo is made of translucent poly-resin and can be used indoors and out.


Some info from Northern Lighting:


Moo is a full scale wall-mounted Norwegian light moose head. Moo may be used both for indoor and outdoor decoration purposes. The figuratively shaped lamp body is made of poly-resin material, which givesa smooth and transparent flow of light. The bulbs placed inside the horns add an extra element of soft, sparkling and translucent light effect to the lamp.

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  • Honkie

    tired, tired, tired and boring.

  • Ryan

    Wow! Such innovation. Noone has ever reappropriated a hunting trophy before. Give that studio a Yellow Pencil!

  • Fling

    As a durable and affordable alternative medium for creating cherished pieces for the home, polyresin is a great option.

  • jed

    they’re pretty late to this particular party.

  • Frankie

    This post is just asking for a serious ass kicking

  • BIFF


  • banalor

    Now if only the moose could shoot laser beams from its nose then it would be complete.

  • Marcelo


  • Zenza

    Frankie, LOL!

    Btw… long live the flannel shirts!

  • omar



    Actually I think they just made it for fun because all the other things they make is really good!?

    anyway it makes people laugh..and maybe thats the reason

  • georg

    Lol, lol!

    I have a cottage in Åre, where can I buy this stuff?

  • Oliwia

    Now, what is about all these animals being used as an inspiration for interior design???? Horses holding lamps, moose heads as lamps…??? Is it a male kind of a joke that I don’t understand….?

  • Oliver

    Well, a lot of comments here – but I like it actually ;)

  • JUST COOL Design Blog

    this is fun (but i wouldnt hang it on my wall,hehehehe)

  • Craig

    2006 FAIL.

  • Gabs

    OMG this could be sold on TV!

  • Stan

    This thing is past its used-by date.

  • D3 Intl

    I agree that the whole urban-lodge thing has passed but there’s still many of us with actual rustic lodges and cottages that are very grateful of that trend which allowed us to re-invent our retreat into something a little more contemporary without being pretentious, minimalist or “monocle”d as what seems to be the norm these days.

    Life is more than a perdy snapshot in a magazine.

  • DK

    I think the lamp is really cool, a reinterpretation of something you have so much seen… in a different light, and actually giving you light! you can also use it to hang your clothes at the entrance of your house…