Snog frozen yogurt shop by Cinimod Studio



Dominic Harris of Cinimod Studio, in collaboration with Pablo Uribe of Studio Uribe and ICO Design, has designed the new Snog frozen yogurt shop in South Kensington, London.


The designers intended the interior to represent a never-ending summer; the flooring is printed to look like grass, while vinyl flowers created by ICO Design cover the walls.


More than 3,000 individually controlled LED lamps behind the translucent plastic ceiling are intended to evoke a summer sky, with colour and 'clouds' changing according to the time of day.


Here's some text from Cinimod Studio:


'SNOG' is a specialist food outlet that exclusively sells pure frozen yogurt, and is the first one of its kind in the UK. Ico design consultancy was responsible for the name development, branding and graphics. The cheeky name is derived from 'snow & yogurt' and is perfect for the bold, young, urban and British brand. As SNOG is the first of its type in the UK, the brief was to create a new high-end interior 'experience and emotions' environment that bore no resemblance to prior ice-cream parlours or cafe precedents.


Cinimod Studio developed a store design concept aimed at evoking the feeling of a perfect never-ending summer. The interior is deliberately quirky, with a photographic grass floor and a 'digital sky' which adjusts the mood of the store perpetually throughout the day and evenings. The bright pink brand colour forms the backdrop to the store.


For the exterior a new fascia signage panel has been designed which features an array of vertical slats of pink acrylic, and has already been hailed as an instant 'design classic'. Beyond this sign the facade is kept simple, with seamless glazing allowing full views into the store and its sky.


The primary interior surfaces are all of standard architectural finishes that have been 'tweaked' to perform new design functions. The seamlessly printed 'grass' floor is a commercial first, as is the digital ceiling with its fully integrated services. For the white glass walls ICO Design has created a graphic interpretation of British flowers. At ground level, the 'Shitake' stools from Moroso, designed by Marcel Wanders, work with the bespoke marble tables with their turned wood bases to create a contemporary and relaxed take on garden furniture, suitable for our 'captured' summer environment.

SNOG is the first store to feature a fully digital ceiling, which has been seamlessly inserted as a key element within the design. Over 3,000 individually controllable LEDs have been deployed behind a Barrisol stretched plastic ceiling in order to create a bright light box video surface.Digitally captured and manipulated clouds move gently across the store, with their colour and speed determined by the time of day.

The project sets a new standard for the high street speciality food outlets. The public response has been phenomenal, with people delighted by the playful design and varying lighting effects. This design represents the best of the British design talents as it is fun yet sophisticated, bold yet attentive to the fine details, and above all demonstrates a compelling fusing of lighting design with retail design. The end product is a delightfully engaging environment that should appeal to all.

Store: Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt
Opened: May 22nd 2008
Address: 32 Thurloe Place, South Kensington, London SW7 2HQ

Design Team:
Architecture and Lighting Design: Cinimod Studio
with Design Collaboration from: StudioUribe
Branding and Graphic Design: ICO Design

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  • edward

    While acknowledging the designers skill and imagination, just to twee for my taste. Pluk was better.

  • Eustaquio

    No way! nothing is better than this place! I was there and it was awesome! Congratulations to the whole team!

  • Monique

    That grass looks like it would be a pain to cut…. Seriously though, it looks amazing – and I love the sky! I can’t way to see the roll out.

  • I think the interiors of both Pluk and Snog look great. So no more comparison please….

  • Nisa

    Oooooh pretty!!

  • gross name for the icey stuff but cool hip fun place for eating it. i approve!

  • bald skull

    snog is kissing in UK slang, no?

  • Joaquin

    Fungi chairs, anybody? I thot yoghurt equals bacterias.

  • Charlotte

    Chairs are Shitake by Marcel Wanders for Moroso

    What a lovely, happy place!

  • Helene

    Finally a place that sells GOOD frozen yoghurt in London! I love the store and the product itself is delicious. I am addicted!!

  • I was there, tried the yoghurt – it was excellent, and the shop looks great. Congratulations!

  • Barby

    The whole concept is amazing! It looks very nice, it’s a shame i didn’t know about this place when I went to London a few months ago… I would have love to stop by…

  • beautiful

  • Love it, fun and appropriate. must pay it a visit.