Fabrica Decorative System by Sam Baron

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Sam Baron of design research centre Fabrica in Italy has created rolls of patterned tape for covering old and unwanted furniture.


"The idea is to create a covering system that create a second skin, and a second life to some old furniture that can be found in second hand market or in the street,"says Baron. "It's design through re-design, basically."


There are three Fabrica Decorative System designs, available from Fabrica shops.

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Posted on Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 at 4:21 pm by . See our copyright policy. Before commenting, please read our comments policy.

  • B2om

    Here you go again,
    Walking down this path you’ve seen a thousand times before.

  • http://poppypetunia.blogspot.com JUST COOL Design Blog

    if you like the look of hobo patches, yeah…
    but why not just paint the furniture –
    this look is cheap – like a cob job cover up with colored duck tape (which btw you can pick up at the $ store)

  • edward

    Is this some kind of self-annealing miracle tape that seamlessly covers that item and makes it look like it’s been powder coated? Or is it like duct tape?

  • Johanna

    lovely. happy, childish and playful.

    B20m: everybody knows that everything’s already done.

  • K. Rimane

    Dezeen should really consider creating a “junk” section.

  • zuy

    marti guixé has a great concept with tape …but here it’s nothing, no think … no art no design

  • Matty D

    Wow, total agreement with rimane, dezeen must really be starved for contributions to have published this…

  • Frankie

    I’ve already got this product at work except that mine has FRAGILE written on it in red

  • bald skull



  • vico

    What a blatant rip-off of El Ultimo Grito’s tape installations from 5 years ago!!!

  • simon

    I think the designer have to consider “what is design” … is shame he is Fabrica head of design department. waste people time! he should think about resign his position.

  • REN

    Way too late with this one. Sam Baron try and keep up !

    As mentioned this concept was more or less championed by the likes of Droog , Hella Jongerius, El Ultimo Grito, Marti guixé, with far greater impact.

    This guy is head of design at the Fabrica and surely already knows this ?

    Advice…Stop wasting our time with this ugly uninspired BS and concentrate on your Job title.

  • Honkie

    wake me when its over………………..

  • zuy

    During designer’s day in Paris sam baron exhibited a gold ceramic radio …
    it’s in a golden trend as Arik Levy gold doorstopper and usb gold or starck bubu gold or massonnet stool gold or 5.5 designers light gold… but it’s
    design product using a trendy color it’s not a ready made radio in ceramics


  • Zenza

    Thank you for the censorship on my previous comments Dezeen.

  • Fling

    Patterned tape for covering old and unwanted furniture that remains unwanted

  • http://nocurves.wordpress.com NO CURVES

    Hi to all, a dear friend(a designer) sent me this link.
    We focus on works with adhesive tapes. Interesting comments here.
    I must admit that I agree with you all,but only about these photos.. no art no design, look like a cheap way to do design…If someone want to do cool design with tapes, need to be more precise, giving a perfect pattern, trasform the concept of tape in a way that u cannot recognize it…this is the real “skin”. The product (the tapes of Baron) looks very nice..maybe put in a nicer way all will look different.

    Baron said -“The idea is to create a covering system that create a second skin, and a second life to some old furniture that can be found in second hand market or in the street,” -“It’s design through re-design, basically.”-

    ok. maybe he is right..doing nice tapes with old stylish colors or old textures could be cool..but why the object looks so silly? where is the strong “idea”? Do u want to do trasform old furniture? Do your best! ..its not enough to put your costumized adhesive tapes with nice-old-color on stuff. Maybe Im arrogant, i know, I’m not making nothing new..but i can show sample of my works to explain my ideas in a better way( how is possible use tape in more nicer way).

    on myspace theres some sample of tapes over objects : http://www.myspace.com/nocurves

    Sorry for the long reply. Thanks and have a nice day
    No Curves

  • Vico

    Lastly, I just have to ask, where is this so-called “system”? It’s rolls of tape, innit?

  • Frankie

    Hey No curve’s work has infinite more appeal than this pretentious “me too” effort by Baron.

  • Fudge

    Sam do us a favour and Duct tape yourself, now that would be original !

  • xtiaan

    rave rave…gush!….extended platitues….use of the word avant garde… and anti….

    thats a lovely rocking chair in the first pic…

    but how do i get all this fakking tape of it!?

  • Zenza

    Sam Baron is a pseudo-designer. I can’t even imagine why he’s at Fabrica!!!

    I mean, I know we can’t ask for a Hayon everyday, but there are thousands and thousands of much ‘better’ designers to put at Fabrica instead of Sam Baron. I mean… Fabrica is experiencing one of the worst ideas/design period of its life!

    Sam, do us all a favour and please leave.

  • Jonny

    As I know Fabrica have a lot of great young designers… but just not a right person in charge… sigh, Sam Baron!!

  • BIFF


  • Dion

    what a load of crap and wasting tape that could be used for somthing useful

  • http://www.oscarlhermitte.com Oscar Lhermitte

    Hi guys,
    Here is a way to recycle old broken furniture found in the street or in antique shops.
    It changes the shape completely.