Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2008 by Frank Gehry 2



Here's some more pictures of Frank Gehry's Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2008, taken by photographer Luke Hayes. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.


The pavilion in London opened yesterday (see previous story) and remains open to the public until 19 October.


See model shots of the pavilion plus the Serpentine Gallery’s press release including a statement by Gehry in our earlier story.




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  • Tyler

    Everybody has his ups and downs :/ Anyway, respect to Frank!

  • joseph

    Never seen a Gehry before (not a fan on paper) but it is surprisingly crazy in a good way – like a forest? – but why no people in the photos?

  • AFRI


  • I’ve always admired Frank Gehry’s work, and this is no exception. I love it.

    Yes, Gehry has always had his detractors, as do all artists. Some curmudgeon might look at a Jackson Pollock and sneer, “My 4-year-old granddaughter could do THAT!” The same guy might easily look at this Gehry pavillion and say, “That looks like something my grandson would do with Tinkertoys!”

    But no. This is Gehry at his best.

  • Magritte

    “Ceci est une merde”

  • Adam Di Angelo

    Unfortunately, Chuck is right. This is Gehry at his best.

  • Sullka

    If I building should look like a tornado just destroyed it, then 2 thumbs up.

    For me that’s not architecture though.

  • A great pavilion – in contrast to all the smooth, shiny, architecture out there.

  • abe

    Conclusion: best of Gehry is a crazy crap.

  • Mattia

    Fantastic! I wish I could make it over to see it (preferably on a sunny day).

  • rodney

    looks like a student project….

  • Tim

    For some reason, I cannot see a building by Gehry without thinking of that episode of the Simpsons in which he plays a part…
    As far as the building goes: I suspect that it’s not an easy building to judge only on photographs, I’m pretty sure it’s a spectacle if you are really in there. But those laminated wood beams look completely wrong and out of proportion…


    Until a moment ago I was quite confused about this work. There is something I am quite drawn towards, looking, re-looking, then there is a side of me that once again feels broken at architectures’ continuing failures of thinking it is an art and that artictects think of themselves as artists. But it clicked, all became clear, when I popped across the park to ‘experience it’ myself. It is Disney design, architecture and theory – feels good at the time but it is very very bad for you in the long term. But goodness me that gallery is so damm wealthy and busy cleaning all that new Russian money!

  • nathan

    would love to see it in person, something tells me the experience would be much different than looking at these photographs

  • fvale

    trust me on this.
    There’s no way we can make a statement about this work through pictures. I’ve been there and the quality of the light and space surprised me a lot. It works like a big comfy entrance to the gallery building, and it doesn’t stand out that much…actually i think it brings relevance to the gallery house than trying to make a strong statement against it.

  • jarmo k

    i guess this thing has to be experienced in person, it’s difficult to “get it” through pictures… but o well, at least it’s made of wood and not pink or yellow metal.

    offtopic: dezeen-dezeen-dezeen, what’s happened? these photos are of sooo low quality! (;

  • Juampi Z

    Nice work, But I don’t think this is Ghery at is best. And what happens in the level floor?… only a feu stairs.
    I’m agreed in some part with AFRI that hi is traing to copy Enric Miralles.
    Sorry my English!

  • cyph

    this is stupid and unecesary why do people waste time and money on this kind of stuff instead making something truly productive and beautiful in any medium.

  • decon?

    yeah… looks like an expensive student project.

    sorry frank?

  • Tells it like it is

    Its a piece of s.h.i.t.

  • belka

    you can watch video of pavilion here:

    architectural videos*

  • Expensive….ugly…..innecesario…..feo….caro……

  • edward

    “This too shall pass…”

  • Tp

    Gehry will be always Gehry

  • Q

    one thing positive about this work, it is not like the curvy metal things hes been doing since bilbao, surprisingly he is evolving , way to go frank. congrats =P

  • Maria

    We laugh about it in the office saying that he dropped the model and then that was IT!.
    but actually i think he some how wanted to connect with the one great thing he did. His house. its more of an installation, anarchy and a criticism to him self. wether it was intended or not, it definitely required balls.

  • floyd landis

    I can’t wait to see it when it is finished!

  • freedom

    congratulations to the construction supervisors !!!! u can sleep now :)

  • The perfect british summer afternoon. Stroll through the stunning gardens of Hyde Park, admire the beautiful ladies drapped around the Serpentine then cool off with a Gin & Tonic in Gehry’s Pavilion (Well everything available but the Gin !). The structure is a little crazy of course but at least it’s playful and not taking life to seriously. Come on it’s a temporary. Oh and let’s not forget to give a nod to those technical wizards at Ove Arup who had the challenging structural engineering role.

  • Late. Philip Johnson

    When I saw this from the heaven this morning while having a stroll it reminded me of an constipated architect, who puts in a lot of effort and has very little results to show for in the end. The AA students did a much better job then you this year. Now, I will have to think twice before i speak high about you with my old friends out here.
    Better luck next time…..! How are the old buddies doing in LA?

  • raven nowings

    when it’s gone it won’t be missed.

  • Gabs

    Been there, totally incoherent

  • sit appenes

    the old man blamed his son for some of the design on a tv interview!
    the old man BLAMED his son for some of the design on a tv interview!
    the old man blamed his son for some of the design on a tv interview!
    the old man BLAMED his son for some of the design on a tv interview!
    the old man blamed his son for some of the design on a tv interview!
    the old man BLAMED his son for some of the design on a tv interview!

    lucky it is not good enough to become a copy paste concept like … well … all the rest he did!

    … cmon franky like you anyway … a little … maybe!?

  • El Greco


    A shitty rehash of ideas examined in his house long ago when the determining factor was cost. This reeks of “let’s just toss off a little something for the folly-loving Brits”.

  • I think the structure looks as though it is trying too hard.
    Sort of forced if you ask me.

  • One

    Decom In general posed me a question on architect, in a sense that prefession to make thing right,… Remember the architect appeared in Asterix and Oberix, an Egiption architect who could not build the stair case Right…?

    Some, like Rem Koolhaas went on t prove his motivation, but others, like … suffer from just being creative or being famous, or libeator…

  • t

    I like it alot, (for many reasons), look forward to visiting (for me it looks like a breath of fresh “wooden” air)..

  • oped

    to make it short..

    there is some interesting attempts at sculptural randomness as there are in good gehry projects.

    but in the end its not good architecture, and it seems a bit of a waste of nice wood.

    this project makes the modernist portions of my architectural education shiver in disgust, but maybee thats a good thing.

  • noodles

    i like gehry .. but this looks too messy and clustered .. and what a waste of WOOD .. so much wood for something temporary.. well maybe they could use it for something else later (HOPEFULLY)

    too much framing for the roof .. looks dizzy-ing .. maybe it wont look as bad when ure actually in it .. hmm .. or maybe not

    and the stairs at the side! .. i dont know why but i was so focused on that .. its distracting and it doesnt blend in with the rest … its like “well thats a nice angle to take a photo from .. until u put the STAIRS IN!”

  • g22

    aw this brings a smile to my face. reminds me of his house in santa monica. old school gehry- love it :)

  • Alex

    Good old Gehry branded deconstuctivism (whether it’s his son’s design or not :P) . Sign on the dotted line and he’ll airlift in one of his famous sculptures before he’s even visited the site.
    Visiting the pavilion I have indeed enjoyed digesting the exploded forms over a coffee but it would be nice to see a Gehry building that has any contextual reference to the location, cultural or geographical.
    Art, yes. Architecture? hmmmmm

  • caca

    i’d like to see the poor guys who will have to clean all these suspended windows…

  • andi

    Gehry learning to build a roof.

  • Gheena

    Gehry took deconstructionism to a whole new level with the Dancing House, the Bilbao Museum and the Walt Disney Concert Hall, where he plays on the harmony of the different materials. This is just absolute Chaos, too harsh a connection between the huge beams and the panels :/