SkipWaste by Oliver Bishop-Young



New Designers 08: Goldsmiths University graduate Oliver Bishop-Young presented two projects about skips at New Designers in London earlier this month.


The first is a proposal for a website where people upload information about the contents of skips so others can salvage items they need from them. Update 31/07/08: see more photos of SkipWaste in our new story here.

The SkipWaste site would be searchable by items required or location and shows a photo of each skip plus its location on a map. Visit a demo version of the website here.


The second project (shown here) involved converting empty skips into public spaces such as skate parks, swimming pools and gardens.


The following information is from Bishop-Young:


My work focuses on skips and looks at three main areas: exchange of waste materials, re-use of waste and making use of wasted spaces.

skipwaste-by-oliver-bishop-young-12.jpg is a site that documents the contents and locations of skips, allowing the exchange of materials before they go to landfill.


These three attachments (below) aide the recovery of materials from skips. The plinth elevates the status of last object added to the skip and makes it easily accessible.


It can be shameful for some to be seen peering into a skip, the mirror makes it easy to see inside at a glance. A black board contents pagedocuments all that is added and removed from a skip, providing a catalogue of what is on offer.


Skip ramp is made from a collection of materials gathered from skips; it reuses them to form a mini ramp in a skip. Pete King a professional skater along with Sidewalk magazine came to do an article on the design. Skip ramp was one of many conversions made to the skip using reclaimed materials.





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  • mama14

    inspiring vibes

  • Frankie

    So british !

    Cool work

    • Tony Pulis

      I really like the idea of turning your skip into a swimming pool.

      Not big enough for a full front crawl, but just the right size for a lilo and a nice relax!

      Genius :-)

  • esklabuak

    interesting work! congratulations!

  • liberty



    Superb, clever, critical.

  • Charlotte

    Really love these ideas… !

  • pacharan

    I am afraid Santiago Cirugeda had done that quite years earlier in Spain.

  • Gus

    Frankie, I think it also has something “spanish”

    One of the Santiago Cirujeda “Urban Prescriptions”?

    and before Santiago… the “parked Island barges on the Hudson” from Matta Clark?

    but anyway, fantastic vibes as mama says

  • khalid

    “Ah…good old plagiarism!

    The SEVILLA project looks at the skips as a stage, where proposed social activities take place on top of the installation, while here Bishop-Young takes a more thorough approach in realizing the actual inherent spatial qualities of the skips, thus allowing for much more interesting spaces with less intervention.

    This is a different (and stronger) project. Conor, the only similarity here is the initial approach of recycling skips, and its ridiculous to reject a designer’s solution merely on the basis that it recalls a previous (unsuccessful, in my opinion) work.

  • I-Acevedo

    Very engaging and vibrant. I love the skateboarding shots.

  • Sam


  • Megan

    I would have a ball pit!

  • andresr

    Cirugeda’s work is far more interesting, both in a design and political sense. In comparison this seems pretty damn bland.

  • leopoldo

    fantastic , Super, Nice………..usw

  • maker

    Ahh, i love entertaining ideas and also cheeky street actions that reclaim public space!

    Here is another version of the skip bin hack, with a conceptual twist, by french-canadian sculptor Michel de Broin, titled Blue Monochrom, made in 2003. It converts a dumpster skip bin into a functioning spa bath.

  • Gordon

    While we’re talking skips… Here’s a project by Kevin Harman for this year’s degree show at Edinburgh College of Art:

    PS Like the pool idea!

  • ujo

    fun in a box

  • It’s a wonderful idea to bring some green and laugh into a city. And if more than one person in the world have the same idea, it is even better :-)

    Thank you.

  • Roy

    That last picture….literal dumpster diving.

  • billybrown

    Yet another pointless exercise in taking an object that works perfectly as it should and making it into another with limited success….

  • eduardo

    what a sense of humour…
    very british
    love it

  • This is THE BEST USE OF A SKIP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Innovative.

  • Am the only one wondering how the little boy didnt get hurt jumping in to such shallow water?

  • J

    Great Ideas! Keep up the good work!

  • ed

    cheer up billy brown! My god, where’s the fun? i’ll leave you to your efficient removal of waste materials while i sit on a bench on some grass on a skip in the middle of a busy brick lane.

  • 007

    i read fresh?? Copy… Cirugeda’s work is much better.

  • Andre

    It is pretty astonishing that lots of people find it ‘fresh’ , ‘innovative’ and ‘genius’, despite the fact that the link of Cirugeda’s work is already posted .

  • Hans Wurst

    @Alix: Yes

  • Neil

    Alix, I didn’t get hurt. It was very refreshing!

  • Thats pretty cool

  • Rodrigo


    The same idea from 1997:

  • donkey puncherella

    How many of you morons are going to post the same link? Santiago Cirujeda used the same recycle bins, WE GET IT!!!!!!

  • Haha i love the great ideas… amazing work :)

  • Ahhh, makes me miss the UK. Batty Brits.


  • Best Skip Bin blog I have seen ever!

  • Wow, and I thought a skip was just a skip. Turns out a bin can be used for alot more!

  • Saw your ping-pong skip in London today while cycling around town, so I googled you. Impressive stuff! Will keep my eyes open for future projects – recycling is about going forwards too! :o)

  • love these Skips! I work in the skip hire industry and can't believe I've only just came across them on google! Great work. The swimming pools my fav

  • Eric