Endoskeletons by Alon Meron


Endoskeletons is a project by designer Alon Meron where all the furniture in a room is connected together.


The project seeks to apply an internal skeleton to the domestic environment, arranging elements of the living space around a frame rather than within a container.


Meron presented a prototype demonstrating the system at the Royal College of Art Show Two last month and at the Andaz Hotel in London earlier in the year.


See an earlier prototype and sketch model from the project our previous story.


The following text is from Meron:

Endoskeletons and Exoskeletons

Our own bodies are supported by an internal skeleton and yet our notion of shelter and safety is often manifested in the word 'shell'.


Comfort and containment are linked in our minds and our houses show that; they are shells and our daily life is arranged inside their rigid structure, flowing from one room to the other.


When you move into a new house you put your things in their place and in doing so you draw the map by which you will live.


I have applied the structural principle of a skeleton to the domestic environment. The space is now drawn around the function rather than containing it.


Different elements of the house can now be coupled; I can have my library in the toilet and my lounge outside.


The living house becomes an extension of my limbs rather than a series of containers for my life.


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  • cm

    i love it. especially the end of the movie when he just pulls it into the next room.

  • marcos

    incredibly nice and intelligent

  • Clifford

    Fun idea and nice presentation, but where’s the thing plugged in?

  • anna

    this is bullshit…

  • chatte noire

    Interesting concept….its new, no doubt!
    ….but i don’t like it so much; aesthetics r non-existent, and i think the set up would look irritating and make rooms look cramped.
    Plus, i see no functional reason for it, other than for novelty value…



  • edward

    Another lame attempt at originality.

  • One

    WOnderful machine, i like it…

    Just that I ned (rather) big house and Electronics hanging from Ceiling or so… TV anthenas… Sorry for this…

  • terrible…..design for design

  • Azeem

    I would say what I heard about new inventions “what is the use of a new born child?”.

  • The design aesthetics are awfully simple and rudimentary. The whole piece seems to be built solely for function, yet I cannot determine what that function actually is. What design problem is this solving or attempting to address?

  • Morais

    WHY !!!!????

    Why design and built and use chairs and tables and spoons if millions of people in this world eat with their hands and sits on the floor and… i want one of this Endosketon thing at my place SOON !

  • Clever, anice piece of interior-design, great!

  • abdulqadirabas

    Ouch! it was my unlucky day!..when I met these pieces..i keep on tripped and hitted when i try to move around.. anyway it still has good design characters to develop on especially in it’s moblity and keeping stuffs together.
    I love the video.Will animate something like this sooner!

  • Nice concept, but maybe awkward to actually use? Requires a lot of big empty space…

  • Arian H N

    A creative idea for comfortability !!

  • Matty D

    Interesting concept, but thats about where the positive feed back ends…
    As previously stated, the desgin seems to be entirely centered around functionality, but I really fail to see how this is functional in the least. Who wants to step over hurdles when crossing between their TV and chair? Not to sure who or where you would have a necessity to sling furniture around a room often enough to make this worth while?

  • eric luyckx

    j’imagine le gars qui doit traverser la pièce dans le noir…

  • i must admit… i am attracted to the CONCEPT of this… aesthetically i think it could be a little more pleasing and lets be honest… this does not look very comfortable at all.. especially if you live with a girlfriend who likes to take over the couch.. look at the photo below the video.. the guy watching tv will be participating in my rehab program at the hospital soon if he keeps sitting in that horrible position.. ha.
    overall i love the concept and if it was made from found pallettes or something i think i would like it a lot more..
    keep pushing


  • Maxence

    It could be a great idea to create an open space for an enterprise, a mobile work station, but it could be the war after a short time.

  • OKP

    i think the concept it nice


    the work in itself look sway to rough and why always this basic woods and wheel, simple fabrication.. like i said i think its more just a visual sketch but its not pyt together nicely, i saw it during the show in rca and wasnt impressed with it. its a nice idea but needs more maturing..

    beside that the designer looks cute

  • atomant

    good way to reduce obesity rates.

  • mauro paparo filomarino

    very very happy

  • Emma

    seems like perhaps a better idea for a workspace than for a living/relaxing space — nice to be able to move lighting, chairs, desks, file cabinets? around like that, but if you want to relax, you don’t want to move that much furniture, probably