Scantling lamps by Mathias Hahn



The Scantling floor and pendant lamp were created by Mathias Hahn of OKAYstudio.


Here's some information from Hahn:


Scantling Lamp Family

Floor Lamp:
A domestic floor lamp made from timber. Without the need for any counterweight this light’s adaptability relies on a hidden mechanism that uses friction without the usual self-loosening.


Hanging Lamp:
To be used above dining tables this lamp uses the same mechanism as the floor lamp. Because the whole construction is suspended from a hook in the ceiling, the light is free swinging.


This allows the user to adjust the height of the lampshade by simply changing the angle of the wooden components. The position to the sides stays the same as the lamp is pivoting on the hook.







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  • lgg

    Very nice, great design!

  • omar


  • roberto soltero

    Ñam ñam…!

  • nice

    nice…..very very very nice!

  • cpcp

    i want one

  • nice and clear – cleverly used wood and low compound replacable parts – good eco-tech design.
    But I would like to see the connection to the ceiling…

  • ! this is so beautiful…. future classic?

  • Q

    this is what design is about! simple, functional thinking whithout excess styling bs!

  • i really enjoy this…. i mean i really DO enjoy this. i mean go and take a look at my little site.. i am always talking about pieces like this… BUT i think we are looking at comehting different here..
    just look a little closer at the grooves for the wires.. very refined.. but with the sort of ‘found scrap’ aesthetic that we all seem to fall in love with..

    haha.. major art talk beig thrown around here.. look out!

    really love it though!


    ps- Marcus the container ground project looks wonderful.. i am excited what gets proposed.. i was thinking about putting in a proposal along the lines of a cafe/international beer garden but i really do not feel like it fits the environment..
    sort of like ha.

  • ivesy


  • I like stuff like that.

  • eduardo

    really nice…
    lovely design, simple idea

  • anna

    Very nice!!! simple and clear…real design for all times!!!

  • Matty D

    Clean, simple, elegant and instantly classic! Very Nice design.

  • mass50

    it has a touch of Michael Marriott about it but looks good.
    the base is a little clumsy no?

  • Tony T

    ^ totally gree about the base and the Marriot esthetics and remember at the same time how easy it is to critise as opposed to designing oneself, so i’d say good job mate.

  • Lski

    Love it !

  • Tonero

    Pow, you hit the ball out of the park with this one, Mathias.

  • Charlotte

    I! want! one!

    absolutely love this!

  • Davide

    reeeaaalllly good

  • edward

    My, so many ecstatic comments on such an ungainly, slight, design. Yawn.

  • hemo

    good idea! like it

  • One

    After looking at all those high tech materials, from aluminium to carbonfiber being applied to a shade, this is a refreshing item to have in one’s house.

    Guess it wll be bloody expensive?

  • I think he is somewhat influenced by the Ilse Crawford lamp for Wastberg, not?

  • Maxence

    I think it’s weird, because on his website, Mathias Hahn does not have a real shape, a mathias hahn touch, he made a light as he made a chair, a mug, but on the wastberg webiste, we have a real investigation on the lights…

  • fred

    uber_design !

  • Joolzy

    So simple, yet so beautiful.

    I want one for my bedroom!

  • Hello Mathias

    I like the wood material for this kind of lamp. : )
    It looks natural nice and it does not conduct electricity.

    Stef Breukel

  • I love these lamps they look so handy!!

  • Really modern and cool

  • really nice design and craft details.
    So simple and so beautiful.

    • It looks great! I have a plan to make one myself, just because it is so huge and I need a smaller version for our bedroom.