Olympic viewing platform by Office for
Subversive Architecture



Londoners frustrated by the 3m fence and aggressive security protecting the Olympic Park construction site in east London were given a temporary viewing platform recently by Office for Subversive Architecture.


Called Point of View, the stair-like platform was created in collaboration with Blueprint magazine as a protest about the secrecy surrounding preparations for the 2012 Olympics - but was removed by security guards after two days.


"Access to and views of the site are nearly impossible for the curious visitor to obtain," writes Blueprint editor Vicky Richardson in the August issue, for which the project was devised.


"We placed it alongside the fence that surrounds the park, not as a provocation but as a gesture of friendliness, openness and enthusiasm for the games - a spirit seemingly unknown to the many official bodies organising them and developing the east London site."


The platform was in place from 6am on 12 June, but was removed by the Olympic Delivery Authority on 14 June.


Photographs by David Cowlard; see blog here.

The following information is from Blueprint:


Point of View

A 3 metre high, 17 kilometre long, blue fence surrounds the Olympic Park in east London. The Olympic Delivery Authority employs poker-faced security guards to patrol the perimeter of the site and stop visitors from taking photographs. Workmen armed with pots of the regulation cyan blue, paint out graffiti on a daily basis.

In response to the ODA’s attempt to block views of the site, and its failure to take advantage of a historic opportunity to get people interested in architecture, Blueprint asked Office for Subversive Architecture to create a viewing platform.

Point of View was designed and built in a matter of days, and installed by Blueprint staff with Bruce and Sam Tipper (the joiners who made it) and OSA’s Karsten Huneck and Bernd Truempler at 6am on 12 June. Point of View remained in position for several days before being removed by the ODA.

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  • kudz

    we are slowly reaching the point where calling this site ‘dezeen’ is ironic

  • Azeem

    Just drive alongside of the Blue fence in your 4×4’s & stand on top of the roof!!

    LO!!.Behold a new view point (with motion too!!).

  • zuy

    i like the concept blueprint…. nobodythought to a red wall?

  • John

    So…ummm….what’s on the other side?

  • Mad Scientist

    To drill a hole would have been simpler…

  • Matt Choot

    So can we see it?!

  • Lite


    That was awesome!
    Simple thoughts dudes!! That’s way better than weird-shaped stuff!
    … architecture, after all!!

  • Maxence

    Put a trampoline ?
    It could be more interesting to draw a door on the wall ? like Truman Show : )

  • COXI

    This is the most interesting work OSA have done since INTACT (way back in 2004-2006.)

    I always expect to see them do some sort of slick bar, they have done so many of them, so this project is refreshingly subtle!

    I have two ongoing concerns with OSA:

    1. It is clear they work with (take?) other people’s ideas and then claim credit for them.
    – They have mastered the architecture and design PR machine!

    2. Their name is absurd
    – These are just more euro-rich-kids making pretty things and splashing some random theory onto it to try to make it more than …

  • i love it.

  • couldnt be more refreshing!

  • edward

    No railings? Copied from N_____. Not good enough for dezeen. Passe. Too much BS explanation. Come on guys, pile on!

  • Tyler

    Pretty funny, but I would have liked to have seen pictures of the view itself. I’m just as curious as they were!

  • Honkie

    beijing had a fence you could like look through, it was a really cool concept; what’s to hide? Free East London.

  • niels

    I like it a lot because of the architectural gesture it makes, the way people can look just above the wall, not making the contents behind it overevident, it keeps the mystery, you can even see this in the posts on this forum.

  • zuy

    is my comment stopped by the wall of moderation???

  • Tp

    The green yard of the other side, it`s always better……for sure!!!!

  • Joolzy

    Oh come on…….

    I work for a theatre company and build stuff like this for sets every week.

    “the stair-like platform was created in collaboration with Blueprint magazine”

    stair-like?!? THEY ARE JUST STAIRS!! and why, for the love of god, would they need to collaborate with another company to come up with something like this?!

    It just doesn’t make sense…Am i missing something here?