Packaging Lamp by David Gardener



New Designers 08: Packaging Lamp by David Gardener features a paper pulp shade that doubles as the packaging for the lamp's components.


Once purchased, the components are removed and assembled and the packaging becomes the shade and stand.


"The Packaging lamp was first inspired from my observations of how much packaging material is wasted from every new product bought," explains Gardener. "The idea is to eliminate this waste material by including it all in the final product."


The form of the lamp base is decided by the shape of the electrical components it is to contain during transit.


Gardener, a University of Brighton graduate, presented the design at New Designers in London last month.


Here's some text from Gardener:


The Packaging Lamp

The pulp structure starts off as the packaging to house the bulb plug wire and socket. When opened, the user removes these electronic parts and repositions them back in the pulp structure in their correct positions where it actually becomes the structure of the lamp, leaving no waste packaging to be thrown away.


The process of molding paper pulp can produce beautifully molded shapes. Due to machinery restrictions the lamps are all hand made, unlike the pulp packaging that is used in the packaging industry. The middle section of the lamp is created to look like a standard turned wood stand, but in fact the shape is entirely determined by the electronic components that are packaged in it during transport.



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  • Clifford

    Very nice! We have seen quite a lot of these iconic lamp shades lately, but this one actually brings something new to the show. Would be nice to se this shaped up and put into production.

  • se_cris


  • zuy

    L’idée d’une lampe packaging n’est pas nouvelle ( cf lampe murale Philippe Starck pour Flos)mais, si le concept est en partie original, c’est très mal réalisé ou c’est sans doute volontaire dans la tendance imperfection sous tendance de la tendance nouvel artisanat du design vue en Hollande, en Angleterre , en Italie et en France

  • zuy

    test: is it OK in google english?
    The idea of a lamp packaging is not new (see wall lamp Philippe Starck for Flos), but if the concept is partly original, it’s very poorly done or is without doubt the trend in voluntary imperfection in trend of the new trend towards craft of design in Holland, England, Italy and France

  • monsieur!

    wow thats quite beautiful!
    nice one

    it says that it has to be hand made – is there really no way of making them on a machine? that would be great!

  • plankton

    Clever idea, I love it…

  • mamaa

    great concept and only that

  • Matt

    Simple, Brilliant

  • Azeem

    very creative ,Excellent.

  • designer frog

    I think this is a truely remarkable concept, which could set to revolutionize the way furniture and home accessories are made. The lamp could then be recycled when a new style is desired.
    Excellent stuff David. I bet Tom Dixon would love it. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for all the feedback. I will be exhibiting it at both Tent and 100% for this years London Design festival if anyone would like to meet it in person!

    in reply to – monsieur! : yes I am currently sourcing pulp manufacturers to produce a short run of the product, (for possible sale in SKK in soho). This industrial processing will hopefully give me more control of the aesthetic of the lamp.

  • M!

    i love it!!!
    Great idea!

  • fuZzyOne

    Excellent !

  • amsam

    A beautiful object, but of course the pulp “packaging” would have to be very heavily packaged to survive any shipping at all. Put your money where your mouth is and make the whole thing shippable without ANY further packaging!



  • Crusty the Clown

    Fire hazard?

  • Ali

    thats the ugliest thing i’ve seen in a while. And also whats up with the french nationalist mumbling in his/her native language?

  • Honkie

    Even though they show the Great Escape on telly every Xmas eve, i still watch it.

  • Vico

    It’s really nice to see the designer’s comments here. I am not sure if this concept has been attempted before, as has been suggested, but based on my experience I’d say it’s an intelligent and technically quite well resolved prototype.

    The inarticulate misers out there who comment on this blog should at least give us a witty remark when trashing work: I always try to. It is fun commenting on design in a public forum, and I’m thankful to Dezeen for posting all this new work, be it good or bad.

  • unpopular


  • zuy

    Vico, i’m agree with you :
    “I am not sure if this concept has been attempted before, as has been suggested,”In fact other concepts use plastic blister packaging technique to make lighting…
    ” but based on my experience I’d say it’s an intelligent and technically quite well resolved prototype.”
    Intelligent sure it is but intelligent for what?. The time are changing now and we need lighting with green material, low energy, low space and very efficient . …It’s more difficult that art design =>see the triangle of complexity in design

  • Sarah

    Very similar idea to Light Bulb Packaging by Olivia Cheung the year before at New Designers 07. But great idea.

  • Xit

    I don’t like paper pulp used with light it tends to bring out the vomit texture.

  • Hey – try and avoid anything to do with that SKK guy.

    He’s mad.

    And he’ a fool.

    And he wants everything for free.

  • Xit

    Ah SKK^ so nineties.

  • zuy

    I think the comments on this blog are the more professional in the design blogging world…no just i like i hate but as this blog is UK DUTCH design oriented it’s sometimes difficult for north or latin designers to comments what is not in their design culture … For example i dunnot like the material, the usability but i think the concept is OK.
    It’s rare now than a designer put hand sketches and design process in his site…
    Jaime Hayon did and in late XX Starck did it in a good book with calques…

  • dear Mr.David Gardener

    The lamp is a wonderful thought.
    We can produce the lamp for you in India.
    lets us know your interest.
    so we can take the discussion further.

    jeetendra jagtap

  • zuy

    great jeetendra S!!!
    A lot of designs from Philippe Starck, Karim Rashid and Tsé tsé are made in India …Some of my friends designers are looking for …

  • zuy

    @ jeetendra i saw cars on your site
    Do you have experience in lighting and furniture? in what materials?

  • Louis

    This is fantastic, truly revolutionary. The designer is clearly a name for the future!!

  • zuy

    @Louis , name of the future ? may be too much , i would like to see other projects in furniture, product design…

  • kula

    nice idea!

  • zuy

    an idea or a concept i’s not product design but the beginning of a design process…

  • zuy

    For example the belgian architecte and design designed a stool with the packaging for a french company Branex. This company sold until now 10 millions Massonnet’s stools … more than all the Starck stools for Kartell and XO

  • Jimmy


    Zuy, give the guy a break! Fresh out of university he’s not claiming to have changed the world through this lamp, how about some constructive criticism. For a final undergraduate project it is for me a strong, sophisticated and interesting concept executed in a delicate yet powerful way. The response this lamp has got can only be a good thing that will drive him to develop his own approach and lexicon through the rest of his career.
    David:Will these lamps be going into commercial production at any point or are they just concept pieces?

  • zuy

    Ok Jimmy the David Gardener’s table lamp is green and the concept is really good but i dunnot like the prototype…
    A spanish designer Rodrigo Alsonso designed a packaging lamp named brigtster following more Starck’s track .than Gardener more in art and craft ( i think the blister lamp that Philippe designed for flos may be 10 years ago is not in production yet)..

  • Peter

    Is the no box around required?
    It lloks great!

  • mauro paparo filomarino

    la lampada del genio!!!!!

  • José A. Brouzzó Duncan

    Very NICE , I LOVE IT.

  • HarrisonEmbrey

    On a positive note, what David has really achieved is in taking the topic further in an aesthetically pleasing way, he also gets 10/10 for remembering that sustainability is a real issue with design and I for one would use this article as a discussion topic alone, keep up the great work David!

  • maipritzker

    very excellent!

  • I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blue

    My comment is a little late but I would disagree with this concept idea. Why make packaging that looks like a lamp and functions like a lamp but must be assembled before it can be used as one. Why can't it just be a lamp? Why package everything nicely? why not just have a paper lamp that works?

  • Devin du Plessis

    I was so disappointed to see what it looked like when the light is on because it’s a BRILLIANT idea. Just excellent but perhaps another green material might give more attractive lighting.