A Secret Friend by Tithi Kutchamuch



Inspired by the death of her dog, London-based designer Tithi Kutchamuch has designed a range of jewellery pieces with animal-shaped bases to keep them on.


"My dog died a month before I got back to my parents' home," explains Kutchamuch. "I would love to bring her everywhere with me if I could."


The collection includes a necklace, ring and bangle made from patinated bronze, oxidized silver and silver.


Kutchamuch describes the pieces as "Simple jewellery as a part of home that you can bring with, keep them safe and take them home."


Photographs by Suratchai C. and Seng Jariengrojkul.



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  • Zenza

    Like this

  • Brett

    Simple, elegant, and a bit odd.

    This is great

  • Theo

    I love the bird/necklaces

  • K. Rimane


  • Azeem

    “A secret friend”, hmm… it will give the robbers some time to realise their content. Cool stuff!!

  • Fling

    “My dog died a month before I got back to my parents’ home,”
    Should have left a bit more food out for the poor doggy whilst you were away. And a tin opener.

  • Emerson

    Kind of grisly and beautiful.

  • Mattia

    Poetic and beautiful. Really wonderful.

  • F

    I symapthize for the loss of your dog .
    great work Tihi ,

    best ,

  • McGyver, MA.

    like ’em all.. design at its honest

  • http://www.thejunction.de Jana TheJunction

    That’s just gorgeous, I like the rabbit!

  • Charlotte

    this really is beautiful.. !

  • marti

    waw…it is so beautiful

  • beatriz

    oh yes!!

  • Marianne

    Beautiful idea.