Patchwork by Amy Hunting



London-based Norwegian designer and illustrator Amy Hunting created the Patchwork furniture series from waste wood and offcuts collected from factories.


Hunting glued the fragments together before making them into a chair, storage unit and series of lamps.


Here's some text from Hunting:


Wood waste and off-cuts were collected from factories in Denmark; this collection is made entirely out of the factory waste collected. The pieces were put together to form a wood patchwork before they were made into a chair, a book box and a series of 12 lamps.



The chair is built out of wood waste and off-cuts, and nothing else.

Dimensions: Total hight: 85 cm, Width: 30 cm, Depth: 34 cm, Seating Hight: 45 cm



These lamps were cut out of a large solid block of wood, made up of small off-cuts. The pendant lamps were then cut out of the block until 12 lamps revealed themselves and all the wood had been cut out.


They are made entirely out of wood and require no fitting. They can be hung on any bare lamp bulb through the top of the lamp.


The 12 lamps can be stacked inside each other for easy transport or stacked on top of each other.


Book box:

The book box has built in book stands which allows you to place different sized books randomly in the box without them falling over. Because of the blocks of wood you can have as many or few books as you want


The boxes can be stacked on top of each other or hung on the wall. You can flip the box and use it on the side; the legs then become additional shelves.


Like the chair and the lamps in the same collection, this is made entirely out of wood waste from factories in Denmark, with no screws, bolts or anything else.

Dimensions: W: 35cm, H: 47cm, D: 35cm

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  • Theo


    The contrasts and patterns in the wood give theses pieces real character.

  • K. Rimane

    love it!

  • Azeem

    Beautifull stuff !! Love the lamp & the bookbox.

  • Fling

    This is the most acute case of lampshade stacking I’ve seen since my poor grandmother was incarcerated in the Petersham Gulag and forced to whittle baby mountains of shenanigans out of once used hollow buckle shebangs. Sad to see.

  • kula

    The book box is interesting

  • cpcp

    How has she made those lampshades!!??
    They all look like they have come from the same block!

    Great stuff.
    Hoping the lampshades are thin enough illuminate the wood patterns…

  • Beautiful stuff. Love it.

  • edward

    Imaginative use of scrap wood. I like the book box especially.

  • Charlotte

    Looks great, especially the bookbox
    love it!

  • This is very very nice, good texture, good shape, put together very well!!
    The best thing is, it is made of recycled wood, GREEN!!

    MTSK@Colors of Swallowtail

  • Matty D

    Book box is very nice. Images are much more convincing with books inside the box though.

  • tc

    these are lovely!! really like the chair but all three are very beautiful! brilliant

  • The team at moreeco just love these chairs. Where can we buy them!!

  • Brad

    Unfortunately, none of this will be around very long because of the acute expansion and contraction of the wood pieces coupled with incongruous grain patterns. Big huge no no. For thousands of years, carpenters, designers, and architects have solved the problem of wood expansion/contraction by using frame and panel construction (your mom’s old kitchen cabinet doors). Simplistic “modern” wood furniture styles were achieved by using veneers and plys with solid pieces where appropriate (legs, table tops, etc). This stuff looks very cool, but if you’re going to design for wood, you have to understand the material.