Tongs by Takashi Sato



Tokyo-based designer Takashi Sato has designed a lamp that holds a bulb in place using a tong-like structure.


Inspired by "the tong of the kitchen tool," the aluminium Tongs lamp has a slot in the shade to allow a bulb and cord to be added and held in place by the structure.


Sato exhibited the lamp at Salone Satellite in Milan this year.


Other projects presented by the Japanese designer included a coat stand where hangers form the pegs, a felt-covered, folding, plywood stool called Pata and a mirror which appears to form a hole in the wall.




Below: coat hanger.





Below: Hole.



Below: Pata.



Below: Sled.




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  • zuy

    Good design simple and innovative…among too many followers in Satellitte 08
    The stool is in the same urban trend than Pierre Léon Luneau’s table manufactured by french company Roset. PierreLéon is now in the Philippe Starck’s team Ubik.. first after school of design!!!

  • zuy

    the hanger stand is a the level ( or may be higher) of the red dot concept winner 2007…
    easy to manufacture, easy to use,easy to move, versatile, sustainable design

  • zuy

    the leading product tong is a eye catching lamp easy to manufacture but
    an aluminium lampshade is catching the light and is not efficient for ernergy saving future!

  • Xit

    Sato’s folding stool is better than Luneau’s as when unfolded it takes a lot les space and the knocking down gesture is more efficient.

  • Among the hundreds of booths at the Salone Satellite, many of which could be comprehended in a single glance and a shrug of the shoulder’s, Takashi Sato’s work stopped me in my tracks. Hats off to him for some solid dezeen coverage!

  • William

    i dont get the hole thing, is it just a hole?

  • Azeem

    Like it ,Innovative stuff ,Cool!!

  • zuy

    Xit, Luneau designed more a side table than a small stool …but you are right for the gesture it’s like Jouin stool for Materialized but much more cheaper

  • zuy
  • zuy

    Coat Hanger: Tokyo-based designer Takashi Sato was nominated for a 2008 Design Report award so it’s glogal design
    ( Davis Calson is a famous swedish design expert )

  • zuy

    After some contacts with design experts, i think Takashi Sato should contact in Italy, Carlotta De Bevilacqua( Danese ) as his work is close to Murani, Raggi and Behar works and design process and in France Michel Roset (Roset)we began to work with japonese designers…

  • Brett

    @ William

    I’m confused as well. What the hell is that thing?

  • andy

    brett/william i may be mistaken but that hole looks remarkably like a mirror;) ya get it?

  • Fbot

    For me its all good stuff but the coat hanger and lamp are best. Minimal materials but practical products that still have original form/ identity.

    Nice work!

    As for Hole, its a mirror that looks like a hole in the wall, read the text above.

  • zuy

    I asked the designer, there is a black hole in his portfolio…

  • Xit

    @Will & Brett

    I think the mirror is round with a white /black cresent shape on one side which at the right angle creates the illusion of a hole in a white wall.

  • zuy

    i think so but sometimes a designer has a different storytelling and design process

  • zuy

    see last Massaud and Starck “innovatives” mirrors

  • The Tongs are awesome!

  • cpcp

    I dont think any of it is great.

    zuy – go home

  • zuy

    cpcp great open minded comment

  • emil

    excellent design as always

  • zuy

    The are a lot of metal lamp on the market, easy to manufacture.
    In fact the Ragni’s light from Danese is more innovative…
    The stool and the coat Hanger are my selection … for any design company from Sweden to Italy..

  • Vic

    Like it ,Innovative stuff

  • zuy

    @ nice blog Vic good artwork and good selection
    I think north europe companies and consumers from denmark to sweden and from eastern europe will love the coat hanger…