Color Rings by Itay Ohaly



Color Rings by Israeli designer Itay Ohaly are pieces of jewellery carved from layers of coloured paint applied to a wooden table.


Ohaly spends months applying a layer of acrylic paint per day, then slices through the thick surface to create the raw material for the rings.


The rings often include slices of timber from the table beneath the paintwork.


Here's some info from Ohaly:


The rings were carved out of an old painting table, taken from a children's furnitures carpentry.


It takes 4 month of daily painting to reach this thickness, creating a new material to work with.


The layers are acrylic paint, while the wood is a part of the original painting table.


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  • LL

    Sweet looking! I wonder how durable a chunk of acrylic paint is though..but I guess if you can tool it, you can probably wear it around for a while before the paint starts to huh… chip?

  • pwnado season

    great idea, great execution

  • romdem

    some of them look smart and chic indeed

  • Joost

    Come on!

  • Simon

    Seems like some Sunday morning kids DIY project. it will only have a meaning if you do it yourself. buying it just a waste.

  • Tom

    It’s just grand…

    It is a ‘analogue’ rendition of Rapid Manufacturing…

    I like-like…

  • Mike

    There is a similar substance called ‘Fordite’ that is the paint residue “harvested” from the paintbooths of automobile manufacturing sites. There are artists working in Michigan with the material that tends to be more colorful than the material posted.

  • Emerson


  • Lski

    great !

  • lisa

    thisis neat where do i buy one??

  • Missy

    hideous. truly. who would ever wear a thing like that? My daughter when she was 4, maybe.

  • jen

    no way, totally cute. agree on the durability issue, but i would definitely wear these around for awhile if they weren’t super expensive. be hones,t though, no one would actually spend the time to make these themselves if they weren’t making s profit off selling them. i’m sure it took a while. plus they look pretty good.

  • sara

    please, don’t sit there & say “come on!” you didn’t tbink of it, & you took the time to click on thise peice of jewelry because you probably thought it looked cool.

  • jessica

    absolutely love them. where can i buy?

  • oxo

    When I was 16, I studied furniture maker. After painting a furniture we took out layered paint from support and made axactly the same for our first loves. It was smelly and without use (fragile) but as a present they fell in love with us. When PC came into the fashion, we made keyboard rings (was also presented here by somebody else). It was a few years after komunist time in czech. We had an era at that time we call it HOME ART, now they call it SUSTAINABLE DESIGN because of the recycling. If you are student and do these things for fun than its very nice. But presenting it as a profesional design on dezeen? Please, where the design goes now?

  • shkoof

    i love it!

  • tree

    lovely lovely lovely : )

  • Just came across this thread.
    I am known as Mr Fordite having discovered this material in the 70’s.
    30 years on I am still making fordite gems.Check out my ebay shop.FORDITE-UK

  • Very unique yet so stylish =)

  • Kat

    How healthy can it be to wear paint? :/

    How healthy could it be to sniff paint vapors for that long!

    I’d soooo hafta pass.

  • jane

    your work is amazing – such inovation!

  • interesting…I wonder what they feel like. I’ve played with acrylic paint layers before, but I never thought you could get them thick enough to make wearable things with.

    Very cool!