Papa Chair by Itay Ohaly



Here's another project by Israeli designer Itay Ohaly: Papa Chair "encourages interaction between parent and child" - or gives you somewhere to put your tea.


See our earlier story on Ohaly's Color Rings.


Here's a bit of info from Ohaly:


The 'Papa chair' is A family of chairs, encouraging the interaction between parent and child/or, as an extra place for our stuff, chair/table combo. Materials - Pine and Birch.

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  • M!

    that man looks sad…

    i think it´s because he don´t have a child only a ted bear.

  • M!

    PS: hoping for the dad do not get up when the child is sitting.

  • shaggynette

    What would happen if daddy stands up while his fat kid is sitting? Maybe is this responsability included in the concept?…

  • cuttie!

  • Xit

    Geez i wonder what the dezeen bloggers will say about this one ?

  • edward

    Just silly.

  • Zenza


  • B2om

    Déjà vu and sad at the same time.

  • Azeem

    Where is the design??

    Okay !! there are two chairs , one big & one small ,oh sorry dupilcate of the first one!!

  • Figs

    So direly tacky that its good, and some cracking gormless photos to boot.

  • zuy

    “Papa Chair encourages interaction between parent and child- or gives you somewhere to put your tea….” it encourages the interaction between a man and his bear or his beer…not with child because k=he will go soon to hospital

  • zuy

    It’s clear the designer has a great sense of black humor… It’s a lonely man, a lonely lamp !!!
    In fact his work is mostly interaction between different pieces of furniture , between differents scales…

  • Mama

    Would this be available for the Palestinian children too?

  • jinx

    designer puts kids at the same level as adults, because to many people don’t. I like it!

  • zuy

    Mama ,a designer in USA are not Bush’s son

  • zuy

    i think israelian design has a lot of thinks/ things to say to the world…
    Thanks to Marcus Fairs to put the Dezeen’s light on this design and not only on diaspora stars( i like them too) as Arad in london and Levy in Paris…or emerging new yorker designer Dror Benchetrit

  • Genial idea! )

  • The bear on the chair

    I think is the silliest idea I’ve ever seen. Is there any father who needs this chair to interact with his child? I hope not. I’d prefer to carry my son in my arms.

  • Mama

    Zuy, you betta learnet tha Inglish mate.

  • edward

    Number of comments on dezeen tend to be, generally, inversely proportional to the significance of the design.

  • zuy

    edward you’re right …but not always
    so i suggest to Marcus Fairs to add a button + or – for positive or negative comments

  • Lski

    nice :D

  • Loukas

    hmmmm no! nothing to say

  • zuy

    in the same stroryteling trend : Pregnant chair, Trent Jansen , Moooi

  • zuy
  • Daint

    Jansen’s chair is much more well thought out and designed
    how difficult is it to get and existing chair and just slapping a baby one on the side ?
    and as far as increased interaction
    dont we all miss the good ol’ days when you bounce your sons on your lap.

  • zuy

    Now a lot of iconic chairs have a baby chair ( Vitra, Kartell) and a , miniature chair( Vitra) …Same marketing process in table and kitchen ware with Alessi…

  • zuy

    israelo design is VERY creative :D

  • I really like it. Not for the farfetched explanation about “encourages interaction between parent and child”, but humorous idea – chair with such funny trivet))

  • Here’s another project by Israeli designer Itay Ohaly: Papa Chair “encourages interaction between parent and child” – or gives you somewhere to put your tea.

    i love the sarcasm in the end- the way the concept gets grounded. why is everyone getting excited about the child- it s the tea the chair is for i think it s clear from the comment