Moon by Matthias Demacker



Moon is a serving and display dish by designer Matthias Demacker for Danish homeware brand Normann Copenhagen.


"I sat and played with a loose combination of holes. The idea was to make a pattern without the regularity of a pattern," says Demacker.


Moon will be available to buy in white, lacquered steel from September.


The following is from Normann Copenhagen:


See the moon from above - Normann Copenhagen presents Moon, designed by Matthias Demacker

Moon is a dish filled with holes, which breaks all the rules and takes tediousness out of the ordinary. It is an example of not always having to do what you are used to doing, and challenging conventional thinking while cultivating aesthetic awareness.


The inspiration for Moon came when Matthias Demacker was experimenting with different patterns and was inspired to break with regularity. Like the surface of the moon, Moon consists of lots of holes, which give an irregular pattern and cast a graphic shadow.


Matthias explains: ‘I sat and played with a loose combination of holes. The idea was to make a pattern without the regularity of a pattern. I got the idea for Moon after spending a whole day changing holes around. This way I got the idea for a dish spontaneously – from nearly nothing.”


Moon is a dish with a humorous touch, which looks good on the table, the sitting room, or kitchen.

Size: Ø 35

Material: Lacquered steel

Colour: White

Suggested price:
£ 45,50,-

Posted on Tuesday August 26th 2008 at 6:19 pm by Rob Ong. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • zuy
  • Fred

    Making a pattern without the regularity of a pattern isn’t making a pattern at all. Geez, some designers really like the sound of their own voice.

    “Moon is a dish filled with holes, which breaks all the rules “, that sounds like a really useful serving dish.

    Let’s “break all the rules” and not buy this one. Or buy it as a giant postmodern pasta measurer.

  • Ferréol

    ahaha, thanks zuy, who made it first? I prefer Demacker’s version.

  • Guido
  • Azeem

    Excellent !! But £ 45,50 ? ?

  • Mama

    Yawn. Nice but useless.

  • JC
  • zuy

    Galactica Fruit Bowl by AriK Levy France is by Materialize/ Belgium.. Guido presented a moon by industreal / Italy and Demaker is from Germany for a danish manufacturer Normann Copenhagen…so we have a common european langage: design with storytelling…but for what: to create a product , a fruit holder …With fruits on it there is no differential design, it’s the same product … and if you study fruits you know it is not a good idea to mix fruits for a good conservation on the same fruit holder…

  • emm


  • zuy

    The vase of french designer Christian Ghion used small and lage holes too but uses are different with a vase…and it’s not a moon vase.
    Sorry but i forget the name of industeal designers swedish designer Frida Andersson & english designer James Steiner…of this virtual Europe team of design . Galactic design and moon design are on the memory of any (european ) people in the world…. Starck, who is in galactic project too with Richard Branson, spoke of design of memory for his
    ( old?)material projects in his core business with kartell, xo and driade.
    What is the differential design ? Some designers used new rapid prototyping technology from belgium and Italy and Matthias an old metal technology…What is vision? Whhere is surprise ? Where is observation of people and uses ?

  • zuy

    I like Mathias Demacker’s design and Normann Copenhagen too.
    The competitive avantage of Mathias Demacker ‘s new product for Normann Copenhagen is the price compared to the 2 others products using an expensive technology …but compared with products from Asia?
    Storytelling is not enought ,you need to study use or useless: for example , you can hold easily the serving and display dishes on the wall of your kitchen and give it a space age or new age touch….with some Moroso chairs by lovegrove (with holes too) and with a Ghion’s vase with holes…Holes is a trend….but it’s not enought!!!

  • zuy

    … or stephan Diez chair for moroso, an other emerging designer from germany working as Mathias with metal

  • cpcp

    “I got the idea for Moon after spending a whole day changing holes around. ”

    What a waste of time and lack of talent

  • OKP

    have seen a lot of these things around ceramics & design land, even did something similar with water cutting holes in plates long time ago..( i wrk with ceramics factories) ..

    its something that is played with so much already and beside that i respect its serious try.. i dont think it has anything extra or special to make it into a ‘good’ product..

    dont come up with all these sentences that make more blubber around the idea.. you say the idea came like out of nothing.. then leave it clear like that with not to much words either..

    but nice the designers is soooo excited about it :)

  • ouch…reading some of the comments.

    I must say that I have exhibited the moon concept 2005 at the stylepark exhibition during the Cologne furniture fair, so it has been published a while ago. Arik Levy’s bowl and the bowl of industrial were not on the market at that time, so I couldn`t know about it…

    in my point of view the moon bowl is just a nice product you enjoy having around- nothing more and nothing less.

    with sunny greetings :)

  • ftwc

    agreed- nice but useless is not good design.

  • zuy

    thanks Mattias to answer to our comments.I know you are not a follower
    It’s a mini trend now so a lot of designer did holes in products .. .If you develop only the manufacturing process of this product nobody will buy only a piece of metal with holes (large and smalls)so you need good naming and good storytelling…

  • zuy

    see in 2005 Antonio Cagianelli ‘s fruit holder for Alessi ( Antonio worked with laura Polinoro’s workshop for Alessi as assistant designer)

  • zuy

    another project not exactly in the same micro trend but in wire frame micro trend with usefull hole, s it’s very interessing because some comments are about useless
    it’s by Konstantin Slawinski a german emerging designer too…

  • yuz

    You need it get a life…
    Maybe start your own blog seeing as your so knowledgeable about design…

    The bowl is nice; its a bowl with holes.
    What’s the problem?

  • zuy

    ding 3000 is an emerging design collective and Slaminski is the manufacturer with a good design catalogue…

  • zuy

    Thank yuz you think you are a virtual mirror but i have my own vision …
    “Maybe start your own blog seeing as your so knowledgeable about design…

  • Doctor Scruffknuckles

    what a terrible design, things would fall through the plate imo
    design failure

  • zuy

    a killing app for fruits doctor

  • thule

    It´s just a really boring piece.. good looking kind of but useless. I would except that if there would be a real story behind the product but “a pattern without the regularity of a pattern” is not that. The world is full of those kinds of “schoolworks”.

  • zuy

    @ thule
    The photograph has not the same point of view , for him it’s a great tool …and it easy to add value to this project …sorry this product…
    It’s very inspiring for me and i will find the end of a storytelling i began 10 years ago with a project for Alessi …..or Normann Copenhagen.
    Mathias Demacker is a great emerging designer :) and as Philippe STARck said about Louis Ghost,” it’s a weakness”….

  • Clifford

    Code plate by Ola Wilborg for Asplunds. This has been done so many times, this really displays how important it is for a designer to stay in tune with the rest of the world.

  • zuy

    @CEO, Normann Copenhagen…
    A swiss designer Martino d’Esposito has a project of cheese grater with the same pattern of small and great holes…

  • zuy

    @ Clifford
    nice collection by Ola Wilborg for Asplunds but i prefer the basket

  • zuy

    nice danish moon by ole jensen