Cognac Glass by Rikke Hagen



Danish designer Rikke Hagen has created a set of stemless cognac glasses for homeware brand Normann Copenhagen.


"The stem kept irritating me," says Hagen. "I took the consequence and cut it off. That’s how my Cognac glass was born."


Hagen has also created a set identical smaller glasses for drinking liqueurs.


The following is from Normann Copenhagen:


Pure Pleasure

The Cognac glass is a beautiful combination of function and pure pleasure. It’s a glass conceived to considerate bouquet, temperature and volume. It provokes pleasure and increases the experience of intimacy, when drinking cognac.


The concern to quality of cognac resulted in the shape of the glass, which increases the pleasure of deep colour and movement of the liquid.

Rikke Hagen explains:
I wanted to craft a cognac glass. The perfect gift to the man, who has everything. The inspiration springs from my own perception of when you drink cognac; that is when you have time and in calm surroundings.

I wanted the glass to give the user a feeling of a gentleman’s study and at the same time, the sense of calmness you get when you e.g. fondle a stone. The stem kept irritating me. I took the consequence and cut it off. That’s how my Cognac glass was born.


Designer: Rikke Hagen
Materials: Glass
Price: Euro 40.00 / 2 pcs
Dishwasher safe but we would recommend that you wash the Cognac glasses by hand – using our Soft Brush with natural bristles

Liqueur Glass

Same shape as the Cognac Glass – just a bit smaller. Ø 8.5 cm. EURO 36.00 / 2 pcs

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  • Jess in MPLS

    The pivot is quite interesting. Its simple and pratical… nice selection.

  • Mama

    Beautiful. Why the dog? A naked model would have been better.

  • anon

    seen virtually same thing before.

    B O R I N G.

  • kricc

    Very interesting how Essentialism can be stretched also to design issues. Cool!

  • lars

    Obviously Normann Copenhagen dicovered this blog for promoting their “design” products. Is there anything more to it than adding to the landfill? How do you store these glasses away when not in use? And which ingenious marketing geek came up with “It provokes pleasure and increases the experience of intimacy, when drinking cognac.” ?

  • pk_t

    look familiar…

  • zuy

    ># ess in MPLS 100% Ok with your comment , i regret there is no french glass so innovative , catching eye, playful, usefull because as you have no glass foot you always warm up the cognac!!!A must have !!!

    >lars “Obviously Normann Copenhagen dicovered this blog for promoting their “design” products.” =>you must read the comments about the Moon …
    I saw on Normann’s blog the CEO seen from the moon…
    I’m sorry for you CEO and for your designer but our planet is smaller and smaller and i found in 3 mn with simple tool search ( google)the same moon, a near product … in indonesia

  • zuy

    letter to a CEO
    Mister Normann Copenhagen as your company developped a modern vision for traditional cognac could you do something for this french concept, it’s a concept red dot award …

  • zuy
  • jakb

    I have a fancy for cognac. Good work!

  • Loukas

    I think i have seen the design taking part on competition but it might be just my impression or i’ve seen a similar approach.

    To answer to a comment made before, storage is easy, just put the glass upside down. Also i can see where the intimacy applies. With the classic cognac glass, you hold the glass and the glass leg always sticks out of the user’s hand where here is hidden well, doesn’t exist. The fact that the hand covers the whole surface of the glass while drinking, enriches the ritual of cognac drinking, because for those who know the consumption of cognac can be more that just a consumption.

  • zuy

    great Loukas, vous êtes un connaisseur …

  • Zenza

    Haahahha!!! Oh my God!

    Another rippoff!!! This is freakin’ amazing. Starck must be right: design is dead.

  • CMHW

    I am not impressed!

    taking the stem off a glass is NOT original or even smart.
    In Sweden we have “joke glasses” for scnapps that are without stem so they can’t be put down. They are thought to be used to serve the guests the last scnapps before leaving. Not so funny, but smarter thought.

    I am looking for good design that I can keep for my son to inherit one day (or sell if he wants to).

    Look at Ingegerd Råmans cognac glasses for Skruf about 10 years ago. Stemless too, but they are not only useful for drinking. They can also look good in a cabinet. They are used for my own sips of Armagnac.

  • Xit

    I believe this product is an evolution of stemless ‘boat glasses’ that can rock around at sea without tipping over.

    Bodum also has a complete stemless range (not so well executed) that allow the user to ‘cup’ the liquids with ones hands. Although with Beer, champagne, white wine etc it defeats the object with regards to keeping the drink cold.

  • zuy

    about stem : stem is usefull for wine, less usefull for cognac glass …it’s not only a vision as Starck has, it’s also a real observation of how to drink cognac
    … my comment is awaiting moderation ( drink with moderation is on each wine ad)
    read wikimedia:
    “It is important to note the most obvious, but often most neglected, part of the wine glass—the stem. The proper way to drink from the wine glass, when drinking white or otherwise chilled wine is to grasp it by the stem and drink. The purpose of this is so the temperature of the wine is not affected when holding the glass. This is achieved because the stem is not in direct contact with the wine.”

  • emm

    old news once again

  • cpcp

    The dog looks as interested in this design as i am.

    in any case – it looks fiddly to pick up once its on a surface – you’ll have to change grip a couple of times seeing as it looks like you wont be able to get your fingers all the way underneath the glass straight away.

    and also i just think the way the cognac sits in the glass – offset in the side reservoir – just looks wrong. Considering this is presumably for up market cognac the glass should present the drink, up and away from the surface the glass is sat on.

    In this glass the cognac just looks uninviting. As if rejected.

  • zuy

    @ emm good old new is better than bad new stuff

  • Will

    I am sure I got this as a present a while back(still in box). Is Dezeen going retrospective?

  • zuy

    This glass of Cognac is also in hip-hop culture…and rolls on table …

    reference wikimedia
    “Since the early 1990s, cognac has seen a significant transformation in its American consumer base, from a predominantly older, affluent white demographic to a younger, urban, and significantly black consumer. Cognac has become ingrained in hip-hop culture, celebrated in songs by artists ranging from Tupac Shakur to Busta Rhymes to Lil Jon and Jay-Z, among many others. It is estimated that between 60% and 80% of the American cognac market now comprises African American consumers, the majority of whom have indicated in studies that the endorsement of popular musical artists is a key factor in their preference for the drink[1], which also spawned its nickname ‘Yak’ (or ‘Yack’). Moreover, Pernod-Ricard, the maker of Martell, has acknowledged that “the USA is the biggest market for cognac and African-Americans are a priority target”[2] Many have credited hip-hop culture as the savior of cognac sales in the USA; after nearly floundering in 1998 due to economic crisis in Asia—cognac’s main export market at the time—sales of cognac increased to approximately US $1 billion in America in 2003[3], a growth paralleled by (but not necessarily related to) hip-hop’s rise into the mainstream of American music.”

  • IAcevedo

    i’d buy them

  • Xit

    Hip Hop culture embraces most things from la bourgeoisie “pass the couvoisier” says Busta Rhymes

  • Doctor Scruffknuckles

    Zaha would not approve, it wont even sit still properly.
    Another example of unpractical poor German design.

  • zuy
  • Honkie

    double yawn.

  • Peter

    @Doctor Scruffknuckles

    “Danish designer Rikke Hagen has created a set of stemless cognac glasses for homeware brand Normann Copenhagen.”

    This first paragraph contains a few hints on the origin of the product. And last time i had a look on the map, Denmark was not part of Germany.

  • zuy

    it’s a danish designer for a danish company for french Cognac drink by asian upper class people and american bling bling rap musicians…funny!!!

  • zuy

    Rikke Hagen has a wonderful idea for bad projects from anywhere …but as said Philippe S+ARck somebody could make gold searching in my paper basket…and may be in the basket of a lot of designers..

  • Jose

    I actually have had these glasses for a couple of years now (they hit the market in -05/6) and i am really pleased with them. They´re always noticed by guests, and compared to other Cognacglasses i have tried (quite a few) the way they represent the Cognac, is very good.

  • Hi,
    We have made a video with the Cognac glass in super slow-motion. You can see it on Youtube:

  • Interesting design. I'd have to see the glasses in action to see what I'd rate them. Looks cool though.