Vertigo Lounge by AquiliAlberg



Milanese architects AquiliAlberg have created a lounge  at interiors exhibition Casa Decor in Turin, Italy.


The installation incorporates 13 Vertigo side tables, designed by AquiliAlberg for Italian design brand Moroso and launched earlier this year.


Casa Decor continues until 25 September and is part of the year-long Torino World Design Capital 2008 event taking place in Turin.


The following information is from AquiliAlberg:


“Vertigo Lounge installation” Casa Decor
Turin - Italy 2008


AquiliAlberg studio has been selected to design the Casa-Décor lounge installation in Turin, in collaboration with Moroso, Iris Ceramica and Tosetto Allestimenti.


Inspired by Escher works, the installation is a result of extensive research which analyzed movement perception.



It brings to light a new dynamic quality which is customized in a very strong abstract and conceptual form which evolves in the space as a continuos rotations of surfaces.


The design relies on a definite set of proportions where elegance and dynamism is generated through a process which provides a sensual image.


The Vertigo side-tables design for Moroso and the 2 central unfolded furnishings which turn from seating into shelf can seduce and engage immediate interaction with everyone perception. Also the black shiny and reflective floor contribute to describe the illusion of movement.


The slightly rotation of the floor and its diagonal cuts which enphasize every access to the lounge area configure a multiple relationships between the existing and the new. This puts in context a vision of architecture with contemporary spacial values tending to emphasize the atmosphere and the interface.


PROGRAM: ‘Casa-Décor Lounge area’
ARCHITECTS: AquiliAlberg
CLIENT: Casa-Decor
DESIGN: Laura Aquili & Ergian Alberg
MANUFACTURING: Tosetto Allestimenti
FLOOR MATERIAL: Iris Ceramica LV1000 60X60 PARAGON
FLOOR AREA: 140 sqm
INSTALLATION MEASURES: 7 x 2 x 1.25 mt each Ed. 2/2
FURNITURES: 13 ‘Vertigo’ side table design by AquiliAlberg for Moroso
LIGHTING: Mauro Giardini illuminazione











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  • why does everyone think black and red go well together.its like hell’s colors. also, this type of furniture is so easy with parametric design, is there real talent behind it?

  • Dr Skruffknuckles

    Its not very practical in my opinion, i think it looks uncomfortable and would get fingerprints on it.
    Definately would not go with my house very well.

  • leopoldo

    lovely work.

  • Lim

    looks more like an exhibition space than a lounge.

  • Lim

    btw renee,
    Nice works man! Very inspiring, especially for an undergrad like myself!!

  • Azeem

    Looks cool !!

  • jpb

    Cold !!! Too cold for a lounge…
    Looks more like an airport waiting room. First class at least.

  • massimo


  • stev

    AquiliAlberg please spell the word: C O M F O R T A B L E and tell me why u used hard materials with sharp edges in a wide sounding room, strong contrasting flashing colours and spotlights shining into the face for this ‘cosy’ lounge…

  • steve

    Very brave! If they wanted to do an unexpected lounge area they really made it! The lighting is also cool…you get the feeling you are on a stage…you are part of it!

  • Xit

    Looks like a Dodge Viper stand from a Vegas trade fair transplanted into a Milanese living room with some dazzling race track lights in the face for good measure, per stev. vroom vroom

  • rodnstk

    lacks integration – the vertigo tables (which are 50% too small – at first glance they appear like fat stools) and the tesselated benches a la Zaha (even the colour scheme from her Cologne Ideal House) have no correspondance. Then again, this is most likely a temporary installation, hence the stageset lighting.

  • Paramecic design

    It’s so hard to be a creative italian designers… Are you italian? Aren’t you? Patricia!! Have you burned up your mind?? Please have a look around before to subscribe this stuff….

  • zuy

    I ‘m agree with rodnstk and Paramecic design …
    too much Zara followers in the world eg Italy and too much Wanders and dutch design system followers in UK and Italy so the italian design industry N°1 in the world is looking for his identity with consultants.

  • miumiu

    Very dynamic, love the red hot lipstick scheme…
    keep the experimentation alive!

  • xela

    Seems there are a lot of bitter souls out there, possibly sitting behind a desk all day drawing lines for someone else, instead of being out there creating!
    But if posting cruel comments helps these people overcome their misery, then so be it.

    I on the other hand think its GREAT!! Keep it up guys.

    PS: by the way irregular forms are not Zahas monopoly!

  • It’s really nice and Inspiring work , I just think that it need a little more Lounge feel to it. Great work!

  • daniele

    I was there for the opening and I have to say it was a very great job…very refined …congrats also to builders!