Rough Diamond collection by Lee Broom



Designer Lee Broom will present a furniture collection called Rough Diamond in London later this month.


Work including Corner Girl (above), Club Chair (top image) and Side Show (below) will be on show at Brick Lane Gallery from 16-22 September, during the London Design Festival.


Other pieces by Broom include Bright on Bistro chair, Baby Bright on Bistro and Luminaire Berger (all below).


The following information is from Lee Broom:


Award winning UK designer launches second Art Furniture collection at London Design Festival

Lee Broom shows at The Brick Lane Gallery and Tent London

This September, UK designer Lee Broom will present his eagerly awaited second collection of Art-Furniture ‘Rough Diamond’ at The London Design festival. Lee will once again be taking over the Brick Lane Gallery from 17th – 22nd September to present the new collection alongside pieces from last year’s hugely successful ‘Neo Neon’ range.

Lee Broom will also be presenting a selection of his work at Tent London, also on Brick Lane from 18th – 21st September.


In the ‘Rough Diamond’ collection, Lee transforms vintage furniture in its original condition into Design Art by adorning each piece strikingly with light.

There are 6 pieces including “Bright on Bistro” an antique classic bentwood chair rescued from a tea house in Brighton. The curves and flow of this iconic piece have been accentuated and highlighted with delicate turquoise neon. “Club Chair” is a traditional Chesterfield that has been spectacularly transformed with a dazzling array of fairground jewel lightbulbs.


Lee comments that ‘these pieces would have had pride of place in any room in their day, so I wanted to give them new life but without forgetting their identity and journey.’ The result is striking and dramatic yet charming and familiar.

Lee’s debut collection ‘Neo Neon’ was one of the highlights of last year’s London Design Festival. So far the limited edition collection has been sold to New York, Paris, London, Kuwait and Las Vegas. The collection was also shown at the 2008 Milan Furniture Fair in association with Boffi at their stunning Porta de Genova exhibition. Lee will also be collaborating with UK fashion designer Matthew Williamson at the end of this year where Lee’s furniture will be incorporated into his West End boutique on Bruton Street.

Lee is well known for his award winning work at Makilee Design, the interior design company he founded in 2002. During the past six years, Lee has created some of the most famous bar interiors in London and the UK such as Lost Society in Clapham, the winner of Time Out Magazine’s prestigious Best Bar of the Year award in 2006 and the stylish and extremely popular Valmont Club in Chelsea. Lee also designed exclusive bespoke furniture for the Executive Boxes at Wembley Stadium and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

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  • One

    Donno what this is, certainly not for use.

  • Xit

    Its Pimp my Louis 15th Armchair I do believe :)

  • lin

    so nice!

  • se_cris

    hahahaha…is this a joke? a parody? rofl

  • longlegs

    Mundane with a lame concept.
    This is bad branch of ‘haha’ design, maybe more like- ‘ohh, consider that!’ design.
    This is kind of an insult to the original maker s of those chairs this guy is supposedly ‘pimping.’ no?


  • Rebecca

    ‘Rough’ is right. This guy needs polish his design skills a bit before submitting to dezeen, I think.

  • Azeem

    I always felt that the voids in the sofa intriguing, well someone just perfected the thought!! love it!!

  • mama


  • Fbot

    Strap some flex LED to a chair and call it design?
    Well atleast its new…. should delve deeper into the idea me thinks

  • JCD

    Shiro Kuramata did this 20 years ago:

  • Honkie

    Yawn, Yawn, snore.

  • Johannes

    This is pure crap

  • Are these necessary?

  • OKP

    i agree to all above specially the ones saying… ‘ this is pure’

    come on ..

  • amsam

    Wow, I think these are cool. You have to make a light fixture out of something, why not an old chair? Some are more successful than others of course– but I would put “Corner Girl” and “Side Show” in my home.

  • Rene

    there are a million, zillion chairs in the world that perform the basic function of allowing a person to sit. why can’t design objects be fun sometimes? jeez… i think the leather club chair is delightful, and dezeen commentors tend to be too peevish.

  • They are perfect for a cheap gangsta rap video. Yo!

  • I don’t like this collection… it is nothing special about it. Just a few old chairs with lights

  • xtiaan


    the bulb ones kinda blow, but the neon ones are cool.

  • Andre Savine

    Love it! Specially the first one. Glad to see there are still people with a creative and artistic spirit.

  • darius

    un trabajo de luz y sombra q remarca un diseno existente

  • darius

    un trabajo de luz y sombra q remarca un diseno existente…