Super Sense Spa by KUU



Shanghai architecture and design studio KUU completed this spa late last year.


The Super Sense Spa is arranged over three levels.


Here's a bit of info from KUU:


This is a 3-level spa in Shanghai by KUU completed in late 2007.


An additional floor in steel was added and the staircase leading up lands at several platforms which are for the spa's complementary purposes: consultation, beauty treatment, manicure and pedicure.


When walls are thin, they are worked on to give decorative effects with light. When they are deep, they become shelves or form spaces.


Super Sense Spa
300 sqm, completed 2007
Shanghai, China
designed by KUU
photography: Jeremy San

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  • Azeem

    WOW !! This is incredible!! LOVE IT!

  • absolutely uplifting and delightful.

  • sc hu yl er

    Certainly looks relaxing.

  • Lucas

    only a stair? that´s all? not architecture, such a white interior

  • Al

    I love the hallway, very soothing and original. I wish rest of the interior was in the same language. It looks like the other spaces and the hallway don’t belong together spatially. Overall 7/10.

  • Ibram

    Nice and elegant

  • b+b

    Very pure space

  • Relaxing….

  • Gabs

    why is it so WHITE?!?!??
    Sorry, I just hate it…

  • freedom

    no zen this time. coolness!

  • Esa

    ethereal touch to this

  • mama

    80’s-like rubbish. Mindless curves and portholes. White on white on light blue. Love the skirting boards…

  • L

    i’m amazed at the way the designer play with the form & function of the wall that creates lighting, niches & even form spaces but it’s what marcus wrote about the wall that cathes me!

  • CAOG

    I Just LOVE IT!!!! Soooooo nice, great execution of pureness.
    Anyway…….thank god i don’t have to clean it……;)


  • wadezig

    It’s cool! I really like it..
    something different from what I was expected from chinese architect.

  • dipu@form.3architects

    its something outstanding. i can just smell the purity of space…….very honestly executed.