Out There: Architecture Beyond Building
at the Venice Architecture Biennale



The Venice Architecture Biennale opened today; here are some shots of the exhibits in the Cordiere building at the Arsenale, one of the Biennale's two main venues. Above: Prototyping the Future: Three houses for the subconscious by Asymptote


This year's exhibition is called Out There: Architecture Beyond Building and is directed by Aaron Betsky. Above: Lotus by Zaha Hadid Architects


Above: Ungapatchket by Gehry Partners


Above: Who's afraid of the big bad wolf in digital age? by Penezić and Rogina Architects


Above: The Changing Room by UNStudio (see our earlier story for more info)


Above: Hyperhabitat: reprogramming the world by Guallart Architects/IIAC/MIT/The Centre for Bits and Atoms/Bestiario


Above: Aranda/Lausch


Above: naked saw-playing performance


Above: Singletown by Droog and KesselsKramer


Above: Recycled Toy Furniture by Greg Lynn


Above: Furnivehicle by Atelier Bow-Wow


Above: Formation(re)formation by Barkow Leibinger


Above: Mobile Chinatown by MAD (see our previous story for more info)


Above: Iwasthere (Chile)

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  • Tom


    How much is easyjet this time of the year..?

  • gaque

    can we get pics of philippe rahm’s installation please?

  • cris

    hmmm…must visit must be a must :)

  • max hsbib

    trite drivel

  • vortekxt

    Sorry, but looks kinda lame from the pics. If it wasn’t mostly the usual suspects (as usual), but rather more hungry younger talent, I bet the installations would’ve been much stronger…

  • Out there and far-out.

  • m


  • ANdi

    rubbish !

  • brown_ie

    it looks like every architecture firm has a “brand shape-style-look” and they did an scale model of their massive projects around the world..and they put the sculture there…IS THAT A EXPO OF THE NEW OR AVANT GARDE ARCHITECTURE?… i dont think so….(except the IACC-MIT.GUALLART one)

  • mama

    Sad, no one has anything to say apart from “Buy made in China!” (OK, maybe “Naked in China”). Also, when is someone going to tell Frank “Goldberg” Gehry that his Bilbao party trick has worn out?

  • d


  • xtiaan

    that comment “boring” from D was exceptionally dull.

    I like these arty sculptural /conceptual eyecandy posts they do sometimes.

    Why do all the posts have to be serious and “worthy” all the time?
    a bit of fluff and visual junkfood is great now and again.
    (not that im saying the above is junky fluff or anything, you get my drift im sure…)

  • rodney

    The naked saw playing is the most interesting of the lot….it’s the closest to art – the rest are neither close to art nor architecture….more like bad retail window displays.

    max hsbib – “trite drivel”….that’s the best term I’ve heard in a while!