Seu University of La Nucia by CrystalZoo



Young Spanish architects CrystalZoo have designed an extension to the Seu University of La Nucia, an external site of the University of Alicante in La Nucia, Spain.


The two-storey extension wraps around one wing of the existing college building and includes a new reception area and cafeteria.


Photographs by Guillermo Luijk and Crystalzoo Studio.


The following text is from the architects:


Seu University of La Nucia.

The building is an external seat of the University of Alicante. It is placed in La Nucia, a small town of the province of Alicante near Benidorm.


The building has a meeting point, internet access, workshops and classrooms. The University uses it for offering courses and information programs in cities or towns that are distant to the Campus.


The site is a neuralgic centre of the social activity of La Nucía; in which different circulations converge (new audience, municipal children school, future residence of students and access to old town), vectors of action, relation and vision that generate their own game board (topology) and the rules that will mark future mutations. This is an unfinished system, able to adapt to future necessities or programs and to lodge the new facilities.


The building simultaneously conserves its identity and breaks its walls to open the interior of the building to the old patio creating dynamic spaces. Those vectors define inner zones that invite to the culture and tranquillity and relate the spaces with other exteriors to favour social interchange and response to the landscape elements.


Our proposal is not designed to resemble his environment. Establishing a dialogue with the old school San Rafael, puts it in value, their architectures are different and speak with the greatest of time.


We raised flexibility as temporary approaches, such as liberalization of the old architectural legacies, as a way of interventionist approach to heritage. In this way, we avoid having dead city, trying to create dynamic environments, with greater capacity to manage the environment in which they are located.

Architect: Jose Luis Campos Rosique
CrystalZoo Studio, Alicante, Spain.















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  • oddjob

    the plastic ceiling for example from the first picture makes it look like a temporary building, in my eyes: a little bit sleazy.

  • Looks nice!
    Does anyone knows the brand of the desks?

  • emm

    looks good!!!

  • nice form,good interior shots,also the setting chairs.
    the floor material i mean the type of the wood and the color tone, is not that much good .

  • olgv.

    nice intervention …

  • Zenza

    I feel bad looking at those pictures. Everything seems so dated…

  • jt

    wow! real architectural drawings. im convinced. seriously, post more drawings.

  • isobel

    plans and sections are hot.

  • gaque

    does anyone know who first aestheticized the fluorescent tube? it seems so hip these days.

    otherwise, this seems a very successful project. the clash of old and new seems great from the exterior.

    that coffee cup supergraphic is a bit too much. a kitschy cafeteria.

  • Stefan

    like the combination of wood and plastic… liek the forms and the light situations… like almost everthing in this project… precise drawings and precise detailing in the built result… so there is a link between theses stages and their quality… i’m sure! ;-)

  • Maxence

    It’s a school…Think about this.

  • fer

    Wow! Not known this building, and that I am in Alicante. Looks very nice, i will have to make a visit… :)

  • leopoldo

    great work congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ge_de

    Don’t like this… It looks like a bug eating an apple… I generally like the contrast between new/old but not this way. It seems like the old part is going to break anytime, by the pression made by the new on…
    Anyway I like interior design….

  • jt

    would guess dan flavin first “aestheticized the fluorescent tube.”

  • gaque

    aha, dan flavin, of course! thank you

  • m:D

    nice, i actually like the translucent ceilings

  • isuka

    it’s like as though someone wedged a chunky boomerang through that elegant old structure. im not against contemporary interventions within old/existing edifices but this one has been executed rather clumsily. It is tiring to see the new designers penetrate buildings with their amorphous blobs and geometric blocks without any humility, levelheadedness and sensitivity to its surroundings or context.

  • MZ

    oddjob: I think, the ceilings are no plastic: they are expanded metal mesh (“streckmetall” in german) panels.