Back Side Flip 360° by O-S Architectes



French architects O-S created this temporary installation at Hotel Saint-Côme in Montpellier, as part of the Festival des Architectures Vives 08.


The installation is made of cardboard boxes, as you can see.


Here's some info from the architects:


This small scale temporary project underlines and sublimates the intimate character of the Hotel Saint-Côme’s courtyard, emblem of the 18th century architecture of Montpellier. The courtyard becomes a field of experiences, where a spatial kaleidoscope comes out from nowhere to surprise the visitors.


The raw material of our intervention is made of cardboard materials. We hijacked 40x40cm packaging boxes that generate by accumulation an extruded portico (computing CAD process). A warm, bright and reflective skin covers the interior walls, creating a contrast with the rough external surface.


Nibbling holes offer and provide views and frames between the inside and outside, leading the light deep in this cave.  The intensity of feelings varies depending on the position of the stroller, who walks trough this kaleidoscope in a dizzying play of shadows and colours.

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  • Vico

    transcendental. magnificent. revolutionary. worthy of praise. most inspirational internet posting ever.

  • leopoldo

    superrrrrrrrr. nicee work

  • Zenza


  • Ulysses

    Give those boxes to the homeless…I think they could design a better and more interesting shelter with them.

  • Nikki

    cool, but nothing more. I Like it.

  • kingmu

    sadly, i have to conclude that one must be actually standing in the space to appreciate this properly.

  • Maxence

    It’s just a waste of time, i prefer to use the cardboard boxes for my shopping…It’s like space invaders, old fashion, i hate this trendy has been movement.

  • andi


  • xtiaan

    “The intensity of feelings varies depending on the position of the stroller, who walks trough this kaleidoscope in a dizzying play of shadows and colours.”

    man are they handing out tabs of acid with this thing? to me it just looks like boxes and tinfoil

  • Azeem

    Absolutely beautifull!

  • Név*

    There’s some people on the pictures!!
    Get rid of them. they’re just messing up the design!:))))))))

  • Joaquin

    Vico, were you paid to post dat??!

  • Marksor
  • One

    Nice shapes, but what’s in the boxes?

  • Erik

    Sad to say …..this work means something….but not very much… I guess my 6 years of education was worthless…..this is unforgivable..

  • ::

    I am sure one could make much more exciting spatial experience using the same box module. It is an example when author can’t think beyond two dimensions caused by instant staring in a screen.