Heroes of the Invisible by FAT


Architects Fashion Architecture Taste have created a vase formed from the profiles of Mies van der Rohe and Marconi.


The vase, called heroes of the Invisible, was shown at an exhibition called Scene at Crib 5 in London this week.


Here's some info from FAT:

Scene at Crib 5, Unit 303 at the Tea Building.

'Heroes of The Invisible' is a vase formed from the profiles of Mies van der Rohe and Marconi, two figures who explored the idea spatial invisibility. The 70 cm high vase is formed in the space between their profiles – morphing between them over the circumference.

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  • cat


  • What’s spatial invisibility?

    I’ll probably make one with a profile of Margaret Thatcher and Shirley Temple to show their love for cake.

  • it.is.me

    i just saw on the news recently where a company does the same thing for your child’s profile.

  • PK

    This is definitely a more resolved and emotional take of Karim Rashid’s evolution vase.

  • kiu


  • gossip

    their going to kiss!!!

  • Fbot

    Looks like a rip-off of Ingo Maurer work with profile of Thomas Edison!

  • Fbot

    I expect more from FAT

  • One


  • Clifford

    Jesus, this is just another evidence to prove that designer’s are rich kids with too much time on their hand.

  • charles




    I can’t stop laughing. Shit, I gotta show this to everyone.

  • tiffany

    these are rip-offs of rip-offs. Shame bad copies get shown here.