Soft Hercules by FAT



Architects Fashion Architecture Taste have produced a stool with a seat in the form of a bust of Hercules cast in foam rubber.


The stool was commissioned for From Now to Eternity, an exploration of designers' use of plastic that opened in London last week.


More details of the exhibition in our earlier story. See FAT's new Heroes of the Invisible vase in our earlier story.

Here's an explanation from FAT:


'Soft Hercules' is a stool cast from foam rubber – the soft squishy stuff that is usually used to make stress balls.


The bust of Hercules, usually something solid both in its material and the culture it represents becomes unexpectedly soft, deforming a recognizable object into stranger shapes when it is sat on. It uses the plasticity of rubber to suggest a more uncertain and doubtful state.

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  • capucine

    it’s perfectly too much, i like it.

  • reality check

    the legs are lame. otherwise it’s kinda cool.

  • I would never own it, nor hope to see it in my presence, but it is a great piece. How can you knock something that generates such buzz.