Bok by Sander Bokkinga



Dutch designer Sander Bokkinga presented Bok, a collection of furniture made from hosepipes at 100% Design London last weekend.


The water can still run through the furniture, which can be used indoors and outdoors.


The following information is from Bokkinga:


bok. is Sander Bokkinga. bok. was born in 1971 in Stokkum (Twente) The Netherlands. bok. has been an architect (TU Delft) and designer since 1997. bok. lives in Rotterdam and designs and makes special “objects” that did not exist before, but needed to be made. bok. started his own label in 2006 and showed his first collection in 2007 at the Mobile di Salone in Milano.


design objects:

bok.hosepipefurniture / bok.tuinslangmeubilair

A furniture serie made of old and new hosepipes for interior and exterior use. Amazingly, water can still run through the designs. The serie currently includes a floorlamp, a relax-chair, a dining chair, a stool in two sizes and a vase. Designed by Sander Bokkinga in 2008.


Dimensions: diverse
Materials: hosepipes filled with magic!
State: available on demand


“bok. is an unstoppable fantasy-machine”


“bok. manufactures in Holland”


“bok. loves pure materials”


“bok. wants to make people smile”


“bok. manifactures all products himself”


“bok. continually works on new designs”


“bok. is also still doing architectural projects”

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  • Zenza

    Dear Dezeen editors,

    We really appreciate that you don’t submit any more rubbish today.

    Yours sincerely,

    An avid Dezeen reader.

  • tim

    sometimes I think dezeen tests us with joke posts to see if we still have any integrity.

  • Simon

    Water and Electricity…..I’d love to see them test that out!!!!!!

  • Peter

    I am curious – was there also anything good at 100% Design London?

  • Hemi

    Good god.

  • trent

    I do hope you’re kidding. This looks like D.I.Y. has had a terrible accident with kitsch resulting in horror.

  • bald skull

    brilliant! i fully intend to buy one of each in every color and size they make to decorate both my interior and garden area. as i type this, i am burning all my current furniture to make room.

    do you think they will be selling lithos of their sketches so i can frame them as art to decorate my condo? fingers crossed!

    please feature more brilliant design work from this lot!

  • omar

    this sucks.
    “bok. manifactures all products himself”
    unless you had a 6 year old intern do it, this is obvious

  • Archieboy

    very inspiring!!!

  • One

    Terrible. Joke not design. We have seen too much of those Droog copies. Dutch must now stop and go look for something else.

  • “bok. is also still doing architectural projects”

    Can’t wait to see that!

  • tman



  • omar

    archieboy is clearly a member of bok’s family. (or a sarchasim enthusist)
    there is no way this is inspiring in any sense of the word…

  • Charlotte

    Bok. is very fond of himself.

  • Jose

    Bok the next time you think of a “special “object” that did not exist before, but needed to be made”..

    There is probably a reason for its nonexistence…

  • One

    to forcefull in showcasingthe creativity, and the object speak too less about how to experience, nore suggest new comfort. Bad Joke.

  • jimbo

    This guy is a genius – alongside this serious mass-production work he should
    maybe consider some more experimental work, more humorous – even playful products……..

  • LOW

    PERFECT! just what I needed! at last, I can mix my two favorite things in the whole wide world! Water and Electricity! Im gonna try it out in a tub!

  • will

    I quite like the lamp..i know

    Deserves a Blue Peter badge

  • tibo

    i please to see such a narrow mindedness from all of you who post such incredible replies very constructive criticism
    are you designer ?
    it was not just at the 100% Design London but also at design week in milano

  • mac

    That’s the furniture that is held up by magic!

  • dag

    Yes, Is isn’t Blobby… But It is an Incredible Idea…
    You know, It is at least not of this always self-referencing (maya)

    I really like it!!!

  • Zenza

    The thing is: the guy got what he wanted – a lot of people talking about him and his work, even though it’s absolute rubbish, and he may never be called a designer.

    But what the heck… THEZE AREZ THE INTERWEBZZZ!

  • Jose

    Tibo: Just because someone has exhibited in Milan/London/Stockholm or anywhere else doesn´t automatically make it a good design…
    If you go to Milan (with a critical eye,) there are 5-6 crap designs, that will never get produced (by a real manufacturer, at least) for every 1 good quality design.
    In 100% Design, the crap-ratio is more like 15/1, which is manifested each year by the loads of whimsical, useless stuff that cloggs blogs all September…

    Oh, and yes, I am a designer too, and have exhibited in M/NY/S, so according to your theory, I must be quite good… ;)

  • J

    all those so-called designers who starts to question people who are not designers opt to re-think abt the role of a designer. designed goods are meant to delight. if the mass public hates it, there is probably something wrong with the design/the design is just a mere indulgence of the designer. very irresponsible.

    for records, this comment comes from a Designer.

    By the way, these pieces of furnishings looks decent. :)

  • Honkie

    questions for tibo? are non designers allowed to criticise design? does the fact that it was in Milan make it better? i did not get that.

    anyway, i think this is lousy. it sucks.

  • tibo

    I never said I was in love with this work
    i m just saying that you replies were not such creative as it could be
    of course non designer can be a part of this , that’s even better
    but the fact for me that been in M/NY doesn’t show that’s good but just that there is an interest for it and we got to try to know why
    why do they love such slack chair ?

    Jose:Oh, and yes, I am a designer too, and have exhibited in M/NY/S, so according to your theory, I must be quite good

    I hope not just according to my theory.

    J: I’m not a designer that why I asked you
    I wanna learn about design that why
    I’m just disappointed to not see better comments which could be more

  • Jose

    It is hard to come with constructive criticism on something that is so way beyond the outer borders of usefulness an aesthetics..
    Otherwise I would have come with some tips.. ;)

    Good luck with your future designcareer!
    And please remember to make useful and good looking objects, funny should never be a keyword in a design…

  • eduardo

    how BOK.ING!!!

  • Well, “bok” means “crap” in Turkish (and not as in “bad”, literally “feces”). So at least the name is right on.