Portrait by Fredrikson Stallard



Portrait is an installation at Somerset House in London, created by designers Fredrikson Stallard for champagne brand Veuve Clicquot.


The steel structure, which represents the grain of a block of timber, is illuminated from within at night.


The installation was part of the London Design Festival and will be open to the public until the end of this month.


Here's some more information from Veuve Clicquot:


Portrait by Fredrikson Stallard for Veuve Clicquot

The first Veuve Clicquot design commission for the London Design Festival

Positioned next to Waterloo Bridge and designed to create a beacon to celebrate the London Design Festival, Portrait – by Fredrikson Stallard – toys with one of the oldest and best known building blocks of design, wood. In daylight steel sections representing the light wood grain laid down by the tree in summer are the dominant feature. At night the spaces in between, representing the dark wood grain laid down in winter, will glow in Veuve Clicquot’s signature yellow, as the steel becomes the negative space.



Somerset House, Strand
London WC2R 1LA

17 – 30 September, 2008

Free entry
Open to public viewing at all times






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  • Michael

    Who will copy this first as a building facade renovation?

  • Mariya Marie

    True that, Michael. LOL

  • Very nice.

  • piti

    “very cool”

  • kingmu


  • christopher

    Playing with wood in steel. Why?

    It doesn’t especially remind me of wood grain just looking at it – more like a fingerprint.

  • erj

    Love it!

  • Antonio

    congratualtion guys, i ve been there, the installation is very cool.

  • Sullka

    lol…that’s what I thought when I saw it…..”that will make a nice louver facade!”

  • max hsbib

    I want one

  • Yes, that`s really something!

  • Carliz


  • musty

    Great idea and beautifully executed.
    Christopher needs to lighten up – Why not play with wood in steel?

  • Best thing at LDF? perhaps

  • Loukas

    Well done guys, always the good ones.

  • mama

    All that just to advertise Champagne? Give me another bottle please, I want to get drunk to forget all the eager servants to big business calling themselves “designers”.

  • Steel is the new Wood.. or is Wood the new steel!
    Interesting piece.. Will get down and see it.

  • eduardo

    It will look even better when is old and rusted.
    Very nice!

  • Moein

    Very good. I have enjoy.

  • is it possible to make it at home

  • planless

    well done ,wery good

  • The Licensing Team at Camden Consultancy Service work on behalf of Transport for London and were an integral part of making sure this sculpture was installed for the show.

    London is a vibrant place full of lots of events and activities. Our job is to make sure that London is kept flowing and that events like this can go ahead unhindered.

    Seeing the Sculpture in its full glory was a wonderful experience and having the opportunity to be part of this event is immensely satisfying.

    We look forward to assisting further events of this nature in the future!

  • cicada

    a nice idea to express materials

  • nomis

    I am all about creating urban enclaves. But are you listening to yourselves, Dezeen? “The steel structure, which represents the grain of a block of timber”? Are we really using steel to built wood now?

  • paola

    I HAVE ENJOY!!!!

  • Daniel Hathaway

    Art in form is itself life giving to its surroundings.

    We have manipulated form and function for years, using pointless plastic fabricated products that breakdown and become tired and ineffective.

    I see nothing wrong with experiment and statement in a non destructive manner.

    Art reflects life and life reflects Art…we breathe ideas, we form dreams and see vision.

    In a nutshell it is an energetic use of material that makes use of the night to accentuate its statement.

    Daniel Hathaway
    Creative from Loyal

  • Alan

    Wood in steel or steel in wood? Does it really matter as long as the stucture stimulates discussion, good or bad.
    Also, revel in the maunufacturers ability to deliver the intent, this too is an art in itself.
    We are proud of our achievment and association and delighted to discover the diversity of comments raised.

  • We actually supplied the steel for this piece.
    It’s made from Corten (the same material as The Angel Of The North). It’s appearance will change as the rusty patina develops. Corten seems to be the “material of the moment” for sculptures and architects.