The School of Life by Susanna Edwards



Sophie Howarth - with a group of collaborators including author and philosopher Alain de Botton - has opened a shop in London, designed by artist and designer Susanna Edwards, and graphic designer Joseph Harries


The store, called The School of Life, features a bookshop and lecture room and also offers psychotherapy and unusual holidays and tours.


The following information is from Alain de Botton:


Designer Susanna Edwards ( has unveiled her first shop space, an unusual bookshop and lecture room that forms the London headquarters of The School of Life (, an organisation offering higher education, a bookshop, psychotherapy and a holiday bureau.


Edwards has been inspired by handmade antique block type to create an identity that hovers between the contemporary and curiously nostalgic.


The teaching space in The School of Life is given over to a wrap-around mural by the artist Charlotte Mann ( It transforms a previously dingey and low room into a place of wonder.


The School of Life has a division dedicated to running architectural 'holidays' or field trips to unusual locations.


The School is offering a trip to the Isle of Wight with the photographer Martin Parr, another trip up the M1 with David Lawrence, an architectural historian and author of 'A history of the Little Chef' and finally, author Alain de Botton is leading a tour to Heathrow to look at the evolution in architectural styles.

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  • P

    Very Nice!

  • A successful design since I wish to visit her shop.

  • Azeem

    Good work there!!

  • jed_

    i like this aesthetic although the colour choices could have been more interesting and the lighting certainly could have!

  • shima

    i like trees woooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  • zal

    it’s not enough to use wood for flooring so lets just cut some trees and put them on a stick in the shop to really drive the point home and basically fuckthe environment!

  • mama


  • RachelR

    Hard to believe so many ideas have been packed into such a tiny space! Well done to all those behind the School of Life for grappling with the really big issues of education – why is it so boring? Why is it so tasteless? Why is it so serious (in the wrong way)? Susanna Edwardes has come up with a completely beautiful way of sugaring the pill of knowledge.

  • JohnStone

    I just read about this in the New York Times Arts Section. On a day the world seems to be collapsing around us, it’s great to see an island of sanity and beauty and fun. I’m keen to enroll on a course and ideally take one of the holidays on offer. Oh yes, and ask if I can have one of those beautiful trees…

  • Pat

    i like how she draw the wall

  • Hopefully the trees are alien to the region. But a wicked concept! Would def support this type of outlet.

    Are Franchises available?

  • eduardo

    I crowded, is not crowded, is clean, is not clean…
    Is lovely, and I love it!
    Next time I come to London (from Rio de Janeiro!!!???)
    I will visit it.

  • Great concept.

  • Just a comment in response to the comment about the floor and trees. The flooring is reclaimed. The trees are from a birch forset that was being felled already. So we have strived to be environmentally friendly in the design process.