The T-shirt Issue by Mashallah Design
& Linda Kostowski



Berlin-based Mashallah Design & Linda Kostowski have created items of clothing by scanning human bodies and using the data to create sewing patterns. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12. Above: Wolf


The human form is turned into 3D patterns of polygons, which are then turned into 2D files and used to laser cut fabric. Above: Wolf.


The project was on show at Create Berlin during the London Design Festival earlier this month.  Above: Juki


Above: Juki


Above: Swimmies


The following information is from Mashallah Design:


A Digital T-Shirt Project

By Mashallah Design & Linda Kostowski

Three people are portrayed digitally by scanning their bodies. The output of this scan is a 3d file, which resolution is defiend by the amount of polygons, similiar to pixels in a bitmap graphic.


Linked with their biographical memories a digital twin of the body is thus created, which expands and personifies the garment in a formal-poetic way. Above: Swimmies


The 3d data is turned into 2d sewing patterns by the use of the unfolding function which is a common tool in industrial design process to make paper models with, the single fabric pieces and the inner interface which defines the edges are cut out by the help of a laser cutter.


Making a clothes pattern in this way changes the aesthetics of the garment fundamentally, because in contrary to ordinary pattern construction methods unfolding does not matter about orientations like center front or the shape of a armhole, which frees the designers imagination in a way that feels fresh and liberate.


As fabric we used sweatshirt jersey as a reference to the common cliche that Berlin is the city which fashionable output lies
in making and painting on t-shirts.



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  • kingmu

    utterly fascinating!

  • Looks amazing but with a pattern like that it looks like Sewing S+M, glad I don’t have to make one!

  • Laura

    I saw these at the Berling thing in Tent London and they were amazing, I would never ever have the patience to do them myself, good job!

  • “It’s only a fashion show. All you’ve got to do is play a bit of music,
    turn on the lights, get some people who’ve thrown up everything they’ve
    ever eaten, and send them down a catwalk.” -Saffron Monsoon

  • Such a cool project! I have seen the pieces during London Design Festival.
    I thought it was one of the strongest projects around.

  • Név*

    At last, a folded T-shirt.
    I’m curious when they’re gonna make a blob one.:D

  • christopher

    Need to see it on somebody, but it looks horrible.

  • hendrix

    yeah, pretty cool indeed.

  • thuyquyenvo

    solid form (geometry)

  • LOW

    I think I´d like to see some of these designs with someone wearing them…

  • mama

    Interesting stuff, nice material – the whole thing looks like some intelligent beings worked this through – others take a note please. Mama says – cool.

  • so on those hot summer days you can pop it in ya pocket… filth!

  • Tyler.

    I like it a lot :)

  • jon

    I like it

  • I am wondering – why design begins to look uglier these days?

  • AA

    Design is not only about aesthetics, how a final product looks. What is more important is the concept and the experimentation before the finalization of a project/product.

    Personally I feel that the concept is great and the end result even better!

  • Well, Clarice – have the lambs stopped screaming?

  • It is great dress for people who could live in my project of steel family house :-)

  • Wow! Is this wearable?

  • Kat

    I think its a great idea, which could be used in garment industry in order to make cloth more comfortable, more suitable to every body.

  • pcm

    looks great. wish i could find it in some retail shop and buy it to wear. would look cool on the streets..

  • It looks just incredible. Fascinating idea, it really got me. Can I buy it somewhere???

  • I saw them in London, too, and the fabric is actually strong enough to be worn by a person and still keep its shape.

    The Wolf is totally amazing!

  • lovely…^^ nice concept.

  • m aug

    i haven’t seen something so perfect for a long time, really it’s SO