Spikvoorde II by
René van Zuuk Architekten



Dutch architects René van Zuuk Architekten have completed Spikvoorde II, a building containing a school and apartments in Deventer, Netherlands.


A primary school occupies the first three floors of the building, with nine private apartments on the upper floors. All photos are  copyright Christian Richters except where specified.


The following is from René van Zuuk Architekten:


Spikvoorde II

Spikvoorde is a part of “De Vijfhoek” (The Pentagon), a new neighborhood in the city of Deventer in The Netherlands.


The project is situated in a very prominent location in this area, just across a T-junction which offers a view to all directions.


This distinct location calls for a vertical beacon that acts as a reference point within the neighborhood


Therefore the building has been split in segments that accentuate this vertical effect, which becomes even stronger when reflected in the water when seen from the entrance way.  The segments itself are horizontally split to create balance in the facade.


The first segment is aligned with the entrance road. This volume get repeated two times by rotation.


The complete configuration curves along with the road that runs next to the water, creating a complex system to the eye but that is highly repetitive in building structure (floor and facade parts). Above image: copyright René van Zuuk Architekten


The north side is different; here the partly underground building follows the adjoining road.
Abov image: copyright René van Zuuk Architekten


On this side the entrance to primary school, which will occupy  the first three floors, has been placed.


Next to their entrance a raised playground tops an extension that hides the school's offices.











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  • Jibbles


  • pristine, elegant and quite beautiful I think. No vies of the interiors ?

  • maama

    it;s not super

  • very nice!!!

  • One

    interesting, but not too clear…

  • Not bad. Utilitarian, but better than just another box.

  • yskov

    it´s a nice building.

    I don´t like to rip others work, but seems a little stiff and gray to be a great place for children….

  • rodney

    Nice and simple.

    Interesting to combine a primary school and flats.

  • zero

    I would love to see higher resolution versions of those details. The images at that size are useless.

  • I like the shape but am curious about the colour. I notice a lot of dutch architects go for this cladding colour (the view out of my window is of a large dutch-designed building this colour) but I can only imagine dutch people don’t consider this colour as drab as the English would do…

    I wonder if its a socio-environment thing… e.g. if the English taste is marred by bad experience of social-housing?

    I’d suggest a weather thing, but I know from experience dutch weather is as grey as ours!

  • antonio

    how the same exterior can reflect so different interior like a school and private apartments? diversification creates identification

  • abe

    Super gray…

  • se_cris

    Almere (city in Holland) has a much more nicer building using an interesting “falling down shape” of such succeded windows alike this project. This only reminded me of that, but not impressed me more…

  • erm

    looks like the rca.

  • LOW

    Meh… very… Zurich I think… although the only photo I really liked was the one with the green interiors… The facade looks a little too depressing for school children no?

  • roadkill

    great drawings but please post larger images