City Dog Adventure by Maartje Dros



Dutch designer Maartje Dros created a play space for both children and dogs for design biennale ExperimentaDesign2008 in Amsterdam.


City Dog Adventure is a reaction against the way many urban areas are "becoming no-go areas for dogs" and proposes a new type of urban space that can be enjoyed by "dogs and their owners, as well as toddlers and skaters".


The project was commissioned by Dutch design collective Droog.


Photos are by Rachel Sender.


Here's some info from Dros:


Maartje Dros presents for DROOG at ExperimentaDesign2008

City Dog Adventure; play space for the city dog


This project will result in dog play and training experiments, and will introduce a new urban playscape especially for dogs. Join us and discover how playgrounds and dog fields can be the same thing.


More and more, playgrounds and sports pitches are getting fenced in, becoming no-go areas for dogs. Dog clubs are banished to the fringes of the city, and the worlds of children and dogs are strictly separated by gates and prohibition signs.


City Dog Adventures seeks to down these fences and will explore how the city’s play spaces can be shared by dogs and their owners, as well as toddlers and skaters.


The fences are transformed into new play elements for dog lovers and their best friends. At evenings and during weekends, accompanied by Amsterdam’s Cynologists (dog experts) Club, we will look for room for a new underdog.

As a part of design biennale ExperimentaDesign, from 18 September until 2 November, several exhibitions and workshops take place in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Part of this is the Sunday Adventure Club, where DROOG asked five young designers to think about implementing a new program on several empty lots or places where there’s not much to do.


At one of these spots Maartje Dros designed an object for dogs, skaters and children, where the coming months several workshops will take place.

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  • Post

    finally something that makes me smile!

  • mimi


  • rodney

    I wish all cities could have spaces like this.

  • Zenza


  • Bart

    What a kid-friendly design. Just look how one of them trips over one of theese steel rods and crashes a head. It’s so much fun.

  • @Bart

    You are so right! Lets put some foam on all of those bars, safety mat underneath, and a void of childhood fun right at the end. Just the kind of compromise this world needs more of, sacrifice of enjoyment for protection from some bumps and bruises.

  • msa

    i roff it!

  • W

    (bow) wow

  • ZYNK!

    wouldn´t like to play in the same place all the dogs in the city play in…

  • Get back to when we were all kids ppl. We wud all love it!

  • Theo

    What a great idea.

  • Matt

    Do I see one dog eating another one, in the fifth photo?? Poor thing

  • mama

    I don’t see this being particularly challenging to neither dogs nor children – just about every kids park has a much better “jungle jim” to get their bruises at (I agree with the comment against being over-protective – safe world = boring world). And as for dogs in a city – just about every street provides the same or better crawling/sitting/jumping opportunities for dogs to explore. This thing is in the same vein as dog’s haidressers and dog fashion shops. Where is the poop scoop btw?

  • yup!
    the trick in dog-eat-dog is to swallow the head first so that it can’t bite you anymore! (watch your tongue)
    The legs will still kick for a while, but once you gulped down the tail it on rattles on a few more seconds in the belly…
    second tip, try to devour a dog that is smaller in size then you or use the magic perspective trick!

  • One

    wooooooowwww… I hear the dogs and kids playing till the dawn… Woooowww

  • E
  • margaret keene

    Hey guys,
    If anyone takes their dog to Dog City Adventure this weekend for Dogs Rule Day, please upload your pics.


  • KB

    Not a great idea? The thing is: we are doing and making something with these creatures in mind. Good idea.

  • mama

    Let them run free – wild animals are great, pets are for people with god complex.

  • frederic

    nice idea!