Another Chair by Karen Ryan



Designer Karen Ryan has sent us images of Another Chair, a new project that adapts unwanted chairs into new combinations.


The chairs form part of Ryan's Boarded Up collection, which was shown at Designersblock in London last month.


Here are more projects by Karen Ryan on Dezeen:

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The following is from Karen Ryan:

‘Another Chair’
Part of the Boarded Up Collection.

I cannot help myself I just wanted to make another chair. A chair that was beautifully hand crafted and designed entirely by me.


A chair that showcased my love of structures made out of raw wood. But my conscience won over me as I stared at a further three discarded chairs that were now stacked in my studio.


At that moment my brief to myself was set, I would make my chair but it would be supported by the cultural histories of other chairs, transparent of its found state and bearing clear testament to its new construction.









Posted on Wednesday October 8th 2008 at 12:45 pm by Rob Ong. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • spielberg

    What is happening to this website??Lately, everything SUCKS!!!!!

  • zetre

    you included.

  • andy

    i can see why some people dont like alot of designs and i have an open mind most of the time but i dont know whats going on with this, very poor

  • w

    Is this not just like Martino Gamper’s ‘100 chairs’, but not nearly as successful or appealing?

  • Orient

    she’s having a giraffe !!

  • roberto

    terrible…… is design or a joke

  • sufin

    I think Karen should sit on the chair for an hour and then possibly rethink her design. Or – I think I didn’t understand that this was meant to be a deconstructive statement? Well in that case i must say it isn’t a particularly good one.

  • emil

    I’ll put a rock in my room and will tell that it is a chair :D:D
    Am I a designer?? Or not?

  • Douter


  • Matty D

    Wow, i am speechless… I think merely looking at this submission has robbed of any and all intellectual thinking ability

  • Telma

    Same for me – not impressed at all. Looks like lately everyone is trying to do something to fit into -Art-.
    Good luck for the next one.

  • sims

    4 or 5 pictures from the same chair is a little bit too much information about something like this.. i am sorry to say but what is the point? don’t wanna be a hater, but i want an answer ;-))

  • fran

    no comprendo cómo se puede publicar esto… La verdad. No podemos permitir que el diseño torne hacia una imagen ni tan siquiera similar a esta… Bastante irrisorio.


  • great concept… but really just not cutting it for me… sorry!!

    i can sort of understand why ms ryan is not posting on here in her defense… but i have never seen any artists in here explaining or defending their work… why not??

  • bald skull

    where can i order one of each to go along w/ my furniture made from glued together scrap wood?

  • Le’Slie

    turn some unwanted chairs to another unwanted chair… um…

  • mygod

    design is dying

  • W&H


  • 猎人

    I kike it~~

  • Gabrielle

    Frankestein chair
    (im sorry Frankestein)

  • jimbo

    Oh! finally some good industrial design….. when’s
    it going into production?

  • Snigel


  • friendly fire

    definitely fresh and you can never argue with trying to recycle old stuff, its what we should all be thinking about

  • Hecler

    Recycle my third finger

  • sc hu yl er

    WOW. Deep breath everyone, now exhale… Better? Taking ourselves a little less seriously? Good.
    I think these have a great sense of humor and unusually novel approach to furniture design. I give mucho cudos.

  • El Greco

    14 images?! You’re kidding right?

  • capucine

    I can’t believe it a …chair?

  • Will


  • LOW

    meh… I just dont get it

  • DCP

    another proof that recycling and ecology is just TOO hot these days, it justifies anything… YES, recycling is a GOOD thing, but don’t use it as a shelter for any stupid design, we’ve seen so much better than this…

  • Come on it is quite obvious this is not for mass production so I can not figure out why some of you are wasting your breath to talk about this in an “industrial designed furniture” context. For example look what Jamie Hayon and Studio Job are doing … not much different. Some times design can be about the dialogue that happens because of it. Think about runway fashion. Not many of Alexander Mc Queen’s pieces are wearable, but in the end the little fashions that happen within his pieces are passed down through the fashion design world. At some point you end up seeing those things in a place like Urban Outfitters .. ect..

    You either like things like this and Droog and Hayon and Studio Job or you hate it. Just like someone likes or hates Nike’s new shoe design or Herman Millers new office cubical designs. There is two types of conversations going on in design, and I think they both matter.

    “# emil Says:
    October 8th, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    I’ll put a rock in my room and will tell that it is a chair :D:D
    Am I a designer?? Or not?”

    It’s already been done … sorry Emil……..

  • P.S. ….. Look at Ettore Sottsass. May not be the most beautiful stuff but it is progressive and innovative. Makes people think differently about the objects they live with. These things are important in design and to the history of design.

  • fiona

    What a waste of some nice old chairs. I would rather have seen the originals restored or updated. To me this just reeks of ‘trying too hard to be different’. I went to art school- I get the whole idea of looking at something in a different way but to be honest im just bored of it now. Id rather look at a simple, well made honest product.

  • JuiceMajor²

    This is what happen when you don’t wish to get rid of junks and make something good out of it. It is creative but….just too flaky!!

  • Jose

    Yet another proof of the poor quality of current british design…
    Please don’t arrange London Design Festival again.

  • cram

    It takes design like this to encourage other designers to get their heads out of their asses and consider if another chair is really the answer. Well done on drawing attention to the obvious, keep it up.

  • mikaël

    Using found objects as a ready-made or incorporating one in designs isn’t new. This modus operandi definitely has its own esthetics and has known a surge in the last years. Everybody’s doing it. But it has apparently just become auto-referential and is now to set go back in the shadows, never to die in the hart of hardcore aficionados. Its heydays are in its past but may one day come back. that said, if its art, don’t sit on it, if you do, if becomes applied art, witch is also called design, unless you were supposed to sit on it in the first placed, then I can’t help you.