Dezeen's green design selection
in the Independent on Sunday



Today's Independent on Sunday features a list of 20 great green designs selected by Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs from Dezeen's green design category.

Here are the twenty selected designs (in no particular order); read the full text in the Independent on Sunday:


1. Silk Story. Designed by Elsbeth Joy Nielsen, Netherlands


2. Birdhouse. Designed by Michael Young, UK


3. Strata. Designed by Ryan Frank, UK

4. Packaging lights. Designed by Anke Weiss, Netherlands


5. Patchwork. Designed by Amy Hunting, UK


6. Ethical homeware. Designed by Todd Bracher for Mater, US/Denmark


7. XOXO laptop. Designed by Yves Behar, US


8. Indruk. Designed by Greetje van Tiem, Netherlands


9. Global warming rug. Designed by NEL for Nanimarquina, Mexico/Spain


10. 'Wood'. Designed by Ten, UK


11. Droog Aalto. Designed by Jan Ctvrtník, Czech Republic


12. Sandy Eco. Designed by ChauhanStudio, UK


13. Local River. Designed by Mathieu Lehanneur, France

14. Cabbage chair. Designed by Nendo, Japan

15. IOU furniture. Designed by TAF Arkitektkontor, Sweden


16. Nobody chair, Designed by Komplot, Denmark


17. Solar tree, Designed by Ross Lovegrove, UK

18. Ninety light, Designed by Shawn Littrell for Luxo, US/Norway

19. Aquaduct bike, Designed by IDEO, US

20. Single Person Cooker, Designed by Alex Bradley, UK

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  • What a nice list! I never expected Marcus to be one active eco-design expert!:)

    Of the lot, I like the Cabbage chair the most. The beauty of Nendo’s work lies in its simplicity – a typical Japanese trait. I have to mention that Behar’s laptop looks too fragile, maybe because of its toy-like front.

  • F

    I agree – There is something very poetic about this chair ..
    you ‘d expect some Venus coming out of it .

    well done Mr Fairs ..

  • quik

    there’s still no major idea of what a green design means:
    a vase or a carpet which comments on the crisis doesn’t seem to be solving anything. but if that’s what the term means, be it.

    anyways nice collection!

  • Marcelo

    for small scale of productions who cares if is eco bla bla bla or not? this is not the point …
    we need eco products in big industries in massive production …
    Cabbage Chair? I prefer the sushi chair by Campana brothers …

  • mama


  • zuy

    green needs great change in design process not only surface design to promote more design studio than really green projects