Ninety Light by Shawn Littrell

Stockholm Design Week: Norwegian lighting company Luxo has launched the Ninety Light by American designer Shawn Littrell, which they claim is the world's most efficient task light.

Unveiled at Stockholm Furniture Fair earlier this month, the lamp uses 4 LEDs, consumes just 6 watts and is designed to last 25 years.

Each 1.5 watt LED is surrounded by a reflector which the manufacturers claim doubles the amount of light falling on the working area, in comparison with earlier LED lights.

The low power consumption of the LEDs means the lamp head remains cool enough to touch even when the light is used at full brightness.

The following text is from Luxo:


Ninety is the world's most energy efficient, ergonomic task light. Using only 6W of LEDs, Ninety offers a bright, warm light with superb colour rendering.

It is dimmable and designed to last for 25 year in a regular office environment. You will never have to change a lamp again.

4x1.5 Watt LEDs
Total power consumption, 7,8W
Standby power consumption 0,6W
Colour temperature 3000 Kelvin
Colour rendering >90