Lapel by Stuart Mcfarlane



Australian industrial designer Stuart Mcfarlane has designed a chair made by folding recycled plastic.


The chair is made without using glues or screws and can hold up to 100 kg.


"It is suitable indoors and out, and can be re-recycled at the end of its life via domestic infrastructure," says Mcfarlane.






Posted on Wednesday October 15th 2008 at 12:45 pm by Rob Ong. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Very nice work Stu! Keep an eye on this guy….

  • zuy

    good green design but:
    -the hole on back is too low to carry the chair with one hand
    -need other holes for rain for outdoors uses
    -i hope it’s possible to use the sides of chair as mag rack

  • Azeem

    Origami Inspired?? Looks COOL!!

  • cpcp

    finally a picture of someone SITTING on the chair! Fascinating structure – some serious origami!

    I think this looks like a major achievement, both structurally and visually. This kind of functional, material sensitive eco-concious design should be applauded.
    Well done.

  • JuiceMajor²

    No this is something I can cheers about!!

  • WM

    Really nice work. How much does it weigh out of interest

  • mikko

    wau! reeeeaaallly nice origami like chair. I´d like to see it unfolded too…

  • zuy sucks,
    seems to know about design, but doesn’t

  • zuy

    Some questions and positive comments:
    -Is this product really for outdoors? ->material really for outdoors, ->design for outdoors
    -OK with WM the weight is important for a chair, because we move more chair than other furniture
    -Is it sold flat?, unfolded?”I´d like to see it unfolded ” too as mikko said…
    – One chair for children could be a real lesson of green design and origami…
    -not stackable so it’s not for contract market
    -not versatile: I like also the work of Simon Joyau a student from Nantes atlantique design school . He did a nice versatile origami chair called Paper chair

    PS:@ tom de vrieze to easy to say “i know” and “you seems to know about design, but doesn’t”, do a real comment

  • Simon

    Zuy should leave his comments on the back of the corn flakes packet because it is obvious that is where he/she got their design degree from. This is Stuart’s design (which I applaud) and it clearly doesn’t need any design additions as it can hold up to 100kg. That is more than enough for any designer ego out there!

    Great work!

    Now lets see some of the work from the infamous Zuy……….I feel a field day coming on!

  • zuy

    Sorry i dunnot eat corn flakes …..sure it’s not good for you!!!
    I suggested no addition in the design , read again my comment

  • cpcp

    Do you not think this chair achieves enough already with its innovative contruction and structure and assembly!? I dont believe Stuarts chair is trying to be an all encompassing design for every market and every situation.

    He’s kept it simple, and as a result achieved a major success. Perhaps he can build on this and create a ‘versatile’ stackable version for office use, but one step at a time eh!?

    As for the ‘versatile’ “Paper chair” you referred to – it has none of the structural innovation, and looks like its been designed by a school kid.

    My 2c

  • Japr

    c’mon with this soap opera offenses….
    the chair is one more intent in the overscaled population of chairs, it’s a very intelligent one, with no need to hold mags, massage your back ,or be carried around (its not a dog). it’s a perfect conclusion of an exercise, it’s perfect if compared to its own self, and the outdoor thing, even not being smth obligatory, can be solved with a piece of cloth for drying. c’mon, things co habit .

  • Cr

    @ zuy

    “.. i hope it’s possible to use the sides of chair as mag rack ..”

    What ?! Please go lie on your belly and shove some design mags up your crack because you seriously have no clue what the hell you are talking about.

    @ Stuart

    Great work !

  • zuy

    There are may be more than 100 projects of real Origami chairs by young designers but no one is in production…

  • zuy

    @ cpcp your negative comment “As for the ‘versatile’ “Paper chair” you referred to – it has none of the structural innovation, and looks like its been designed by a school kid.” is the best positive compliment for this chair for children by a young designer( see the Magis collection)

  • Michael V

    Does anyone know where i can buy this chair? Or when it will be mass produced? [=

  • cpcp

    Dont compare Stuarts chair to a chair for kids – I imagine Stuart had a completely different breif and target market…

    And what is so ‘versatile’ about Joyau’s chair? Just because you can sit on it in two different ways does not make it versatile. How can you even compare the two!? Stuarts chair achieves so much more, as I said before, structurally, aesthetically and environmentally.

    As for the designed-for-kids comment – you clearly have a 5 yr olds taste in design.

  • zuy

    what is the production process for mass market? Where can i buy this type of kit of chair? In think it’s more for children with change of scale

  • the reason why zuy sucks, is, who is he/she ?
    if he/she be proclaims a godfather of well criticism, then,
    ‘show thy name’ , … i do.
    or is zuy derived from zune ?
    the jalous opponent of ipod, so, zuy must be bill ?
    hi bill !

    anyway, to get back to the core business of this issue, stuart his work is well done, and fine-tuning is always on a mind.

  • zuy

    I only ask questions about the “manufacturing process” and the distribution of this interessing product for urban design market . The distribution of similar products to mass market is a key problem. I studied it last year with some innovative concepts in lighting and furniture developped with VIA
    ( valorisation of innovation in furniture)…

  • zuy

    the problem is clearly not with origami like ( ex form with us chair) but with real origami products…There is also a very interessing chair with an index award by young korean designer

  • v

    this is good design

  • zuy

    clearly it is and i will study with some friends how to dvp this project in Europe

  • Ripper Chair Stu. Nice work..!..

  • don’t they get a back ache?

  • zuy

    downloaded origami swiss design

  • hey zuy,

    you are a joke. its not that fuuny though. for someone to spend so much time criticing you dont have so much for design. best of luck with your new project.

    keep on watching the web.

  • gentle david

    hey zuy, I feel sorry for you.
    I wonder if you have a hidden motive? If so, weak work zuy! About time you grew up and appreciated an individual’s creativity and quality. Please do not continue to respond to other comments.. you have no cred.