Podcast interview: Patricia Urquiola
at the Design Museum



Dezeen podcasts: in this latest in our series of podcasts for the Design Museum, curator Gemma Curtain talks to designer Patricia Urquiola about Purely Porcelain, an exhibition of her work at the museum until 25 January.


The exhibition features a porcelain collection called Landscape, designed by Urquiola for ceramic manufacturers Rosenthal. See our previous story for more images and information about the range.


Exhibition photographs by Luke Hayes.


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Posted on Thursday October 16th 2008 at 2:10 pm by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • tengyun

    very good!

  • zuy


  • Love her work!

  • zuy

    “We buy the product we fall in love with. It will make part of our everyday .” say Eduardo Baroni in his site. I love her work too but i dunnot fall in love with this collection of porcelain …

  • modular

    Patricia work is amazing. Gotta love her :)

  • zuy

    i dunnot see any smile in this design :)

  • zuy

    see this handle in designblock 08…

  • Atticus

    Loved hearing her voice in the interview, I loved her before now i think I might be in love with her. Sultry Euro.

  • zuy

    Her furniture design is great but object design not yet at the same level , i dunnot know why . May be in his design process style is more important than function and use.

  • She is my favourite contemporary designer, too, but I think that porcelain collection does not show so obviously her characteristic style combining femininity, functionality and ingenuity… or does not convey so much emotion in comparison with her furniture.

  • Our friend Zuy is way too irritated with Patricia. She´s a good designer but she cannot make great products all the time and she cannot satisfy every taste. Just like any designer.

  • zuy

    I’m OK with Eduardo “she cannot make great products all the time, just like any designer” but with a large studio may be star designer could do best design easier than a solo designer. I love starck wanders lovegrove urquiola and a lot of star, emerging or unknown designers but i’m not an addict of anybody…